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D365 Focus

2021 Info TBA


Want to learn the the latest in Business Central? Look No further than D365 Focus!

Innovia Consulting is a proud sponsor of D365 Focus (formerly known as NAVUG Focus). Focus is unlike other user group conferences because it's about diving deeper into exclusive topics most pertinent for success in specific roles. There will be no general sessions - just two days' worth of rolling up your sleeves and spending more time in targeted tracks. Each 90-minute session is taught by a technical expert featuring intermediate and advanced level content for all products.

At Focus, attendees will have access to:

  • Sharpen your skills and learn best practices to further your job role, career, and product investment
  • Dig deeper into the topics most pertinent for success in your role 
  • Network with peers who are in similar roles and face the same issues on a daily basis

Learn more about D365 Focus by following the link below.

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