Our Process and Pricing

Getting your Microsoft ERP system ready for success doesn't have to be painful. At Innovia, we take great pride in offering you the customer service you deserve. Whether you are ready to make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or just want to optimize your NAV system, we are here to help.  That is why we have decided to clearly lay out our processes and pricing so you know what to expect when partnering with Innovia. 

One of our customers' favorite things about our service is the top-notch 24/7 dedicated support team. This team has streamlined the support ticket process to create prompt responses to all of your support needs. In addition to helping you with everyday troubleshooting, we can also help you with large, more involved projects. Big projects generally fall into 3 categories; they are implementations, upgrades, and re-implementations. Below we briefly introduce these projects with links so you can learn more.  

We also will go into a deep dive so you understand both the Innovia Consulting and the Microsoft ERP pricing structure. 


NAV Upgrades

One of the most popular ways to increase the functionality of your system is to do a NAV upgrade. A NAV upgrade is the process we use to get you from an older version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software to a newer version. This step is also needed to get your business ready for Business Central. By upgrading to a more recent version of the software, you will enjoy greater functionality and the ability to integrate your Microsoft Cloud software. At Innovia, we help you every step of the way, from establishing goals for the new system all the way to installing the upgrade and providing post-upgrade support. Learn about our upgrades in more detail by following the link below.

Learn More about NAV Upgrades


NAV Re-implementation

Do you feel like your NAV system is wrongly configured to the point of no return? It might be time to consider a re-implementation. In this process, we identify what went wrong the first time around and actually redo your implementation so your NAV does what you want it to do. Learn if a re-implementation is right for your business by following the link below.

Learn More about a NAV Re-implementation


Business Central Implementation

Never had a Microsoft ERP system but ready to give it a try? Are you ready to experience all the cool functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Innovia can help you with that. Follow the link below, and we will help you understand what to expect from your new system and identify opportunities to save money and time by optimizing your business processes. 

Learn More about Implementing Business Central



That question everybody wants to know the answer to, how much will this cost our business? Well, the short answer is it really depends on a number of factors. We will give you a general guideline below, but we recommend a planning engagement where we evaluate your system and give you a much more accurate estimate.  Follow the link below, where we will give you a high-level overview of both our pricing structure and Microsoft's.

Learn More about our Pricing


Contact Us to Learn More

Our team is happy to help you understand our pricing and process. Contact your Innovia Customer Success Manager today to learn more. If you don't have one we can still help you. Contact us at 800-834-7700 or email us at sales@innovia.com to start the conversation today.