Is Your Software Slowing You Down?

The Solution: Business Central and a Microsoft Partner that Cares

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Are you fighting with siloed systems, manual workarounds, and broken processes? These challenges slow down your organization and hurt your bottom line, but with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the right partner, they can be a thing of the past! Backed by Microsoft cloud technology, Business Central (formerly known as NAV) is flexible, customizable, and accessible 24/7/365 on any device. Innovia Consulting can help you harness this power--on time and on budget--whether you are looking to implement ERP for the first time, upgrade/support an existing system, find a new partner, or learn how to use Business Central or NAV with expert-led training classes.

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Introduction to Finance in Business Central (NAV): Journal Entries

The goal of this two-hour training class is to introduce and/or review Journal entries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV).

Presented by: Marguerite Manelski

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Lunch with the Rescue Squad – For the Love of NAV/BC! 

February 02, 2021 @ 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET

Everyone wants to sit at the cool kids' table for lunch ... Now we are inviting you to join us! Innovia’s world-class support team will assemble for an open panel discussion, answering your questions ...

Presented by: Holly Kutil

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3 New Ways to Unlock Lasting Business Success with Sana Commerce Cloud

February 04, 2021 @ 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET

Is your business struggling to keep up with its eCommerce platform? The Sana Commerce product our customers and partners love has always offered key business benefits, including streamlined eCommerce ...

Presented by: Sana Commerce

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What Comes First, the Sales Process or the CRM?

February 23, 2021 @ 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Two-thirds of CRM implementations are considered failures. Lackluster adoption and a lack of strategy are often major reasons why. One factor that we have complete control over is how we define our ...

Presented by: Steve Waltz

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9 Questions About Business Performance You Can Answer With Your BC Financial Statements

March 4, 2021 @ 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Did you know there are powerful financial and operational insights inside your Business Central system? Probably so. The real question is, do you know where and how to look for them? We've pulled the ...

Presented by: New View Strategies

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Accelerate Your Finance Processes with Accounts Payable Automation

February 24, 2021 @ 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Does your daily document handling need improving? Is it slow and full of manual entry? We have a solution for you. Attend our webinar to learn how you can streamline and automate every step of your ...

Presented by: Continia

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Jump Start Your eCommerce in 2021 with TrueCommerce

February 10, 2021 @ 10 am CT / 11 am ET

How efficient are your processes? Do you wish you could automate them? We have a solution for you. The influx of eCommerce orders that came in 2020 set the bar higher for company readiness. Today, ...

Presented by: TrueCommerce

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Supercharge Business Central Cloud with Free Apps

March 10, 2021 @ 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Did you know there are FREE productivity apps for Business Central Cloud? One way companies extract more value from their install of Business Central is through the use of third-party apps. Apps are ...

Presented by: Insight Works

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Equip Your Team to Do More with Blogs on Business Central, NAV, and Related Microsoft Technologies!

Find the latest tips, tricks, updates, and more to help your team to succeed in Microsoft 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, and Cloud products (like Azure and Microsoft 365). Here are a few of our latest articles:

You Can Reach Your ERP Goals with the Right Resources

One of the most critical decisions you will make as you set up your system is which partner you work with. Innovia Consulting is one of many partners, but it has several distinctives worth considering:

  • Business Central and NAV specialists since 1999

  • Over 275 BC/NAV Customers

  • U.S. Based Developers

  • 100s of Upgrades Completed

  • 5 Customer Excellence Awards in the last 10 years

  • Microsoft Partner since 1984

  • U.S. Based 24/7 Support Desk

  • 1000s of Customizations Completed

  • Gold ERP System Certified

  • Consistently rated among the top 100 VAR partners for BC/NAV in the US

Receive the Personal Attention You Need -- No Matter Where You Are!

While we are headquartered in Onalaska, WI, with two other offices in Wisconsin and Indiana, our remote staff are located throughout the United States. Wherever they live, our team believes there’s no substitute for personal and professional integrity. We believe respectful relationships boil down to these five things:

Integrity — We believe in uncompromising integrity and always speak the truth. 

Teamwork — We believe in standing shoulder to shoulder with our co-workers, customers and partners, doing whatever is necessary to reach a common goal.

Empathy — We seek first to understand in order to more effectively work together.

Fun — We spend a lot of time together - let's make it fun!

Dedication — We are committed to doing whatever is necessary, period.