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Gourmet Boutique – Fair-Minded and Stand by Their Word

When looking for a Microsoft Business Central partner Gourmet Boutique IT Director Mike Reibman was looking for someone they could really trust, not just someone who wanted to sell them something. Learn how Innovia Consulting earned Gourmet Boutique’s trust by being fair-minded and standing by their word.

About Gourmet Boutique

Gourmet Boutique is the nation’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, pre-cooked entrées, salads, and side dishes for retail and food service applications.

They deliver fresh and frozen solutions nationwide to all 50 states as well as neighboring countries. Gourmet Boutique has a long-standing commitment to manufacturing safe, quality foods. Their executive staff and production associates share in the commitment to ensure our customers the highest level of food safety every day.

Read How Innovia Took Gourmet Boutique From Undocumented Processes and Excel Spreadsheets to A
BC/NAV Implementation That Fits Their Unique Manufacturing Needs in This Case Study

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