Dynamics NAV Implementation for Wholesale Distribution

Cost control, tight margins, and competing for customers are par for the course, but add in increased customer demands, globalization, changes in interest rates, energy, and commodity prices, and analyzing your business data becomes extremely difficult. Fortunately, there’s NAV.

NAV transforms the way you do business. By linking employees, products and information in a cost-efficient, single ERP system, it streamlines processes and workflows. NAV lets you connect the entire distribution process – inventory to shipping to labeling – with built-in traceability and compliance, translating into increased productivity and larger earnings.

Real-Time Integrated Information:

  • Supply Chain, Logistics, & Financial Management
  • Optimized Order Processing
  • Reliable Forecasts
  • Automated Purchasing & Electronic Invoicing
  • Integrated Shipping & Labeling
  • Clear Just-in-time, Cross-docking, and Drop-ship
  • Predictable Inventory Requirements
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • Synchronized Orders with Product Availability

Add Value to Your System:

  • Tighter Inventory Control
  • Simplified, Accurate Reporting
  • Real-time Business Intelligence
  • Rapid Response to Change
  • Reduced Inventory Obsolescence
  • Eliminate Dead Stock
  • Improved Labor Productivity
  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Complete Audit Trails

NAV makes it easy to take control of your data and your financial outlook. Better inventory management also means you can focus on growing your business and not stuck trying to figure out what the data is telling you.

We’ve Got Your Back

You’re one of a kind in a very fragmented industry. We’re well aware of it. That’s one of the reasons we spend time learning everything about your business. We’ve been a preferred Microsoft Partner since 1984 and tackle 25 NAV projects a year on average. We know how to make NAV work for you. Contact us and see how your ERP system with NAV can boost inventory value.

Smiling, Happy Customers

Every year, NAV makes inventory management easier and more profitable for businesses all over the world. See how successful Innovia’s customers have been at better balancing cost and value.