Protect Your Business Central System with Microsoft 365

Have you gotten malware from a malicious email or are concerned it could happen? Protect your entire Office suite with the advanced security included with a Microsoft 365 subscription. With Microsoft 365 you get the productivity tools that you have come to love from Microsoft plus advanced security and device management features to keep your valuable company data safe.

And with the Pay-Per-User Subscription Model, Microsoft 365 is cost-effective. You pay for the users you need when you need them, on a month-to-month subscription basis. So why wait? Contact your Innovia customer engagement rep to learn more about boosting your productivity and security with the power of Microsoft 365.

Make Innovia your Microsoft 365 Partner

Includes all the Great Office Apps you Know and Love

Included with a Microsoft 365 subscription is all the benefits of Office 365, including the entire Microsoft Office suite and online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and Yammer. These tools enable your company to get more out of your Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. 

But Wait There's More! 

Microsoft 365 offers advanced security options and device management to help you keep your data in the right hands. Take a look at the boxes below which show you some of the advanced functionality you gain with a subscription to Microsoft 365. 

Advanced Security Features

  • Protection from malicious emails
  • Restrict the sharing of company information
  • Do not copy / Do not forward restrictions
  • Windows 10 Malware Protection
  • Remote Company Data Wipe

Device Management

  • Easy to use wizard for Windows 10, Android and iOS devices
  • Automatically deploy the Office apps to Windows 10 PCs
  • Configure your PCs to automatically install Office and Windows 10 updates
  • Use Mobile Device Management from Intune to Apply security policies to protect business data on all your devices

Do you want even more information on the security features for Microsoft 365 Business? Follow the link below to see how Microsoft and Innovia Consulting work together to protect your data.

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An Optimized User Experience

With Microsoft 365 you will always have the most up to date applications. So you can enjoy the latest new features without the need to upgrade. And your Office experience is available anywhere you go with versions for your PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows devices. And should you ever have an issue you can reach out to Microsoft for 24/7 web and phone support + 24/7 threat protection. 

Stress-Free Migration to the Cloud

Migration to Microsoft 365 sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, rest assured, Innovia has the technical expertise to make email migration to the cloud a seamless process. Users are simply prompted to close an application, the system re-configures and it reopens seconds later. It’s fast, stress-free, and ensures minimal work disruption.

Always Accessible or Your Money Back

Microsoft offers a unique financially-backed, 99.9% uptime guarantee so downtime is not an option. Unlike other cloud based services, the downtime guarantee isn’t factored out over the year. Should the cloud be down more than 0.1% in a given month, Microsoft will credit your account, automatically.


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Make Innovia your Microsoft 365 Partner