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Does the idea of a recall
keep you up at night?

If you can’t track lots accurately, you may have a massive mess on your hands identifying where the recalled products went and which customers and suppliers are affected.

With Business Central for Food Manufacturing and its lot tracking functionality, you reduce your risks and help your team get back to business faster.

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How easy is it for you to stay compliant?

It seems like compliance regulations in the food industry are multiplying all the time. To make the most profit, you have to make sure you meet all these demands while providing exceptional service and products. Otherwise, you may wake up to a costly surprise one morning.

Keeping up takes real-time data and intuitive, insight-fueling dashboards that cut through the noise, so you see what's most important. With Business Central, you get the visibility you need to see issues before they become problems.

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Do you know when your batches are done and the results?

Efficiency is everything, especially if your food product doesn't have a long shelf life. If you're producing without measuring the results, you're just crossing your fingers.

With Business Central's sophisticated batch reporting tools, you can understand what is being produced and what you need to ensure it keeps moving smoothly. You can analyze your processes to ensure you're meeting your targets.

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Outpace Your Competition with Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Software for Food Manufacturing

In the world of food manufacturing, intense competition is a given. When you add changing consumer demands, shifts in consumption, specialty niches, and stringent food safety requirements, it can be difficult to keep up. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as NAV) makes a difference. 

Business Central is a complete ERP system from Microsoft that lets you see the big picture and avoid costly mistakes. What if all your operations--from recipes to batch management to costing--could be housed in one system that acts as your Single Source of Truth? You will eliminate waste, speed up delivery, reduce costs, and remain compliant.

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 “When we work with Innovia, they focus on the relationship, the process, and the quality outcome. They really are advocates to make sure that we have business success." Andrea Hall Vice President of IT/IS & Acquisition Integration
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What You Get with Business Central for Food Manufacturing

With Business Central and our recommended suite of ISV products, you gain control over your business by surfacing and analyzing the right data to push your business forward.

Batch Planning & Management

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Real-Time Tracking & Complete Traceability

Real-Time Tracking & Complete Traceability

Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring

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Customizable, intuitive dashboards


With this set of specialized food manufacturing features, we've seen companies achieve

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Improved quality control
  • Faster responses to customer requirements
  • Easier adjustment to changing market conditions
  • Streamlined warehouse management

All leading to increased productivity.


The Compliance Intel You Need ...

"[Innovia's solution] saved us thousands of dollars and will directly and immediately improve our ability to ensure freshness in our products." Andy Brandt IS Manager
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Focusing on Your Business Success

When you've decided that Business Central is right for you, Innovia Consulting is the right choice for your partner. We have worked with food manufacturers like you, both big and small, across North America. Our team knows the factors you think about and how to deliver a comprehensive, food manufacturing-specific business solution. 

You’re one of a kind. That’s why we spend time getting to know everything about your business before we develop a customized system for you. We’ve been a preferred Microsoft Partner since 1984 and manage an average of 25 ERP system projects every year. We’re big enough to support all your needs yet small enough to know you by name. Together, we’ve got this.


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