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LorAnn Oils -  Meeting the Needs of a Drastic Increase in Demand

When the Pandemic hit, LorAnn Oils faced a drastic increase in orders and could not keep up with their old order environment. Learn from COO Ron Wood how Innovia Consulting was able to help improve its Business Central system and processes to more than double its order capacity while requiring less staff. And listen to why Ron considers Innovia a vital part of his team.

About LorAnn Oils

Family-owned and founded in 1962, LorAnn Oils is a manufacturer and distributor of concentrated, professional-strength flavorings and essential oils, candy-making, and baking supplies. LorAnn also offers an extensive selection of spa and soap crafting products for both the professional and home crafter.

Product quality and prompt customer service are the hallmarks of LorAnn Oils.

Learn Why LorAnn Oils Uses Business Central Here

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