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We Want To Thank All Who Made the 2022 Innovia Customer a Great Success!

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Partner Sessions

Cavallo - Rethink Business Central

iSolutions - Get paid Faster and Speed Up Collections Management

Equisys - Discover the Updated Zetadocs Experience on Business Central

Next Generation Logistics - What's New in Dynamics TMS® for Business Central

Versapay - How Versapay Can Transform Your Accounts Receivable

Dynamics eShop - Go Global with Dynamics eShop eCommerce Solutions

Avalara - Cost Manual Compliance

Continia - Digital Transformation It’s real and it’s spectacular

Dynamics NAV AddonsBusiness Central Addins - Things That Business Central Ought To Do but Doesn’t

Lanham - Outbound Warehouse Request: Drive Productivity & Prioritize Shipments – With or without WMS

eOne - Integrate Your Business Central Environment With Anything

EazyStock - Build Resiliency into your Supply Chain with Better Inventory Management

Insight Works - End to End Solutions for Distribution & Manufacturing

ClickLearn - Five Secrets to Successful Digital Adoption

SPS Commerce - Fuel your 2022 Growth with EDI Automation

AvidXchange - 8 Reasons to Move Your AP Process to the Future

Primo Payday - Integrated Payroll for Business Central

Dynamicweb - eCommerce & Portals - Compelling Online Customer Experiences Made Simple

Datahaven - Leveraging a comprehensive, cross-platform document management solution with Datahaven 365

Barcom - Achieving Operational Milestones with Barcode Hardware for the Warehouse

ADP - Leveraging Data and Analytics in the New World of Work (email to access this PPT)


Participating Innovia Partners

We are excited to welcome several of our ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners as sponsors for the 2022 Customer Conference. Their solutions are designed to help you get even more out of your Business Central investment.




Cavallo offers distribution management software with robust sales & customer-based execution tools and the ability to automate workflow with precision like control with data that drives actionable intelligence.

Our solutions have all the functionality of the industry’s most prominent tech powers, with none of the bottlenecks, frustrating interface, or difficult-to-access data.

Distribution is in our DNA — Cavallo’s foundational software was designed by a distributor for his own business. In the two decades since, we’ve expanded our software using the best research there is — our customer’s real-world distribution scenarios. Leverage our new and improved software to execute, optimize, and analyze your distribution business.

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Dynamics User Group

Dynamics User Group (DUG) empowers everyday users, administrators, developers, and partners with the tools and information required to excel in their professions. Online discussion forums, educational videos from fellow community members, Meetups, and interactive virtual and in-person events are just a few of the resources members enjoy with their FREE membership.

In an effort to meet the community’s desire for continued robust educational content, DUG currently offers 2 events each year. Attendance at and participation in the virtual and local events is 100% free to registrants due to the generous financial support of our sponsors. The content for these events is submitted by hundreds of experts within the community, voted on by the DUG community, and consumed by ANYONE globally.

Our next virtual event will be held in March 2022 and the next in-person event will be held in September 2022.

Learn more at



Next Generation Logistics

Dynamics TMS® for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution suite that enables transportation professionals to make effective and efficient business decisions.

Next Generation Logistics can deploy Dynamics TMS® quickly for On-Premise, Hosted, Private, or the Public Cloud model to manage a single company or multiple divisions and can generate an ROI within months.

Their application is intended for shipper companies that utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Next Generation Logistics API (application interface) Technology to provide real-time Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight rate shopping and dispatching.

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Always Designing for People (ADP) was voted by G2 Crowd as the industry's leading HRIS provider of 2021. ADP's full employee lifecycle HRIS drives the automation of your business workflows and processes while minimizing profit leaks. Our compliance-backed solutions provide elevated service levels that drive the strategy and regulation guidance required in today's challenging environment. ADP arms business leaders with the tools to make intelligent business decisions by accessing over 27mil external employee data sets, such as salary benchmarking and wage equity statistics. ADP's solutions ensure an engaged employee population while driving operational efficiencies to your back office environment.

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Avalara helps businesses of all sizes get tax compliance right. In partnership with leading ERP, accounting, eCommerce, and other financial management system providers, Avalara delivers automated, cloud-based compliance solutions for transaction tax, including sales and use, VAT, GST, excise, communications, lodging, and other indirect tax types. Headquartered in Seattle, Avalara has offices across the U.S. and around the world in Canada, the U.K., Belgium, Brazil, and India.

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AvidXchange is a leading provider of accounts payable (AP) automation software and payment solutions for middle-market businesses and their suppliers. AvidXchange’s software-as-a-service-based, end-to-end software and payment platform digitizes and automates the AP workflows for more than 7,000 businesses and has made payments to more than 700,000 supplier customers of its buyers over the past five years.

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Since 1991, Barcom has been recognized as a leader in hardware and software solutions for automated data collection applications in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution environments.  Barcom’s engineers, programmers and help desk representatives partner with your IT resources from site analysis to post-implementation support to bring you the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency you need to meet your business objectives.

From barcoding and RFID to fixed industrial scanning and machine vision, we can create a system that gives you greater visibility and insight into your inventory and assets. This is accomplished by using tools that provide real-time data on the location, quantity and status of materials moving through your factory or warehouse. This information allows workers to find inventory faster, achieve quality and inspection milestones, reduce errors, and make informed decisions that will help control operating costs and increase profits.

Our hardware solutions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling you to improve processes without having to re-build your existing system or having to spend a lot of time training your workforce. Whether you’re looking to improve the picking and packing process, reduce errors on the production line, or increase quality performance on inspections, we have the solution that fits your unique requirements.

If your organization is interested in optimizing operations in areas such as quality assurance, inventory tracking, or asset management, we can help. Our barcoding, machine vision, industrial printing, and RFID technologies can help you streamline workflows and achieve greater efficiencies across the board.  

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Business Central Addins

Business Central Addins has been building add-ons for Microsoft Business Central 365 (and Microsoft Dynamics NAV before that) for over 10 years. We add functionality not available in the basic Business Central software.

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ClickLearn saves time and ensures that your users are successfully onboarded onto your business software by automating the process of creating training material and documentation. Record your processes using ClickLearn and with a single click, you can produce step-by-step instructions, virtual assistance, e-learning, and interactive process videos in more than 45 languages. With each software release, you can automatically update all your content including screenshots with a click of a button. 

ClickLearn was founded in 2010 with a vision of completely rethinking the way learning could be created, maintained, and consumed by employees from inside their business applications.

Learn more at


Continia Logo for Blog Listing Page


Accelerate Your Finance Processes with Continia North America. With over 7000 clients globally, the renowned ISV brings you our state-of-the-art add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. Document Capture for OCR and Accounts Payable automation, Expense Management for easy handling of expenses and corporate credit cards, Online Document Approval & Document Output for the distribution of documents from the ERP.

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Data Haven ISV Page


Datahaven 365 is a patented document management/ AP automation solution that enables organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity to maximize their ROI by saving time, reducing errors and manual data entry while accelerating document and transaction visibility across departments and applications.

Datahaven offers solutions ranging from basic document and email archiving to advanced AP & sales automation—not to mention field service, human resources, inventory, lot tracking, manufacturing, projects, warehousing, and more.

Datahaven 365 is an interconnected network of solutions embedded throughout the Microsoft business applications ecosystem, including

  • Business Central
  • D365 Sales / CRM
  • Teams
  • Power Apps

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Dynamicweb offers an award-winning eCommerce Suite, enabling businesses to deliver modern customer experiences and accelerate their digital strategies with a unified platform for eCommerce, Content Management, Product Information Management (PIM), and Digital Marketing with seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV.

Dynamicweb’s 200+ employees in offices all around the globe are proud to support well over 4,000 customers, which include leading brands like Unilever, Winnebago, L’Oréal, Flying Tiger, and Toyota. Built on Dynamicweb, our customers are empowered to build lifelong customer relationships, increase revenue and grow their brands.

To learn more, please visit


dynamicseshop blog

Dynamics eShop

Based in California with offices in Europe and Asia, Dynamics eShop has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing fully integrated eCommerce solutions for both Microsoft D365 Business Central.

Learn more at


EazyStock Logo for ISV Page


EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization solution for small and mid-sized businesses. EazyStock integrates with your existing NAV or Business Central ERP using a pre-built connector.

EazyStock is the perfect solution for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers looking to optimize their inventory management with features such as automated demand forecasting, replenishment execution, multi-location planning, seasonality, supplier management, and more.

The solution helps you improve your forecasting accuracy, eliminate surprise stockouts, increase your service levels and overall save both time and money – leaving you free to focus more on expanding your business in new ways. Adding EazyStock to your NAV or Business Central ERP gives you more time to reduce your obsolete inventory, source new suppliers, and expand your product portfolio and customer base.

EazyStock is developed and supported by Syncron, a leading provider of inventory management solutions trusted by leading global brands in 100+ countries worldwide.

Interested in seeing what EazyStock can do for your inventory? EazyStock is offering a free Stock Health Analysis to demonstrate the ROI that our solution would bring to your business. We’ll upload your data and produce a report including your inventory health and future potential, a sales volumes profile, a risk of runout report, an excess stock report, and your personalized target service level curve. Stop by our table or contact your Innovia Consulting rep to get started!

EazyStock is powerful inventory optimization made simple.

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Equisys is the developer of Zetadocs®, providing document management and expense management apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central, available in AppSource.

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eOne Solutions

eOne Solutions is the leading author of innovative no-code integration and migration tools for financial ERP, CRM, helpdesk, marketing automation, expense management applications, and more.

Trusted by over 20,000 companies globally, eOne provides configurable and scalable solutions that allow companies to increase efficiency, say yes to specific requirements, and future-proof their integrations. Whether you need to truly integrate (generate new data at the right time) or display it as a “virtual” resident of the system, eOne has you covered with both SmartConnect and Popdock.

Build your next integration without a developer, and learn more at



Insight Works

Insight Works is a global leader in productivity solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and supply chains, offering end-to-end software applications ranging from procurement and warehouse management to manufacturing and shipping. Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions include mobile warehouse data collection, shop floor data collection, inventory management, integrated shipping, scheduling, and more. Insight Works is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. They are recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses. The organization is headquartered in Canada and boasts a European presence in the Netherlands and remote offices in the United States. Insight Works products are distributed by a global network of Microsoft Partners, including Innovia.

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iSolutions is an expert at finding the most simple and effective solutions to help your company navigate the confusing world of credit card payments. With iSolutions payments, you can accept card payments right inside of Microsoft Dynamics without the need for additional software or gateway accounts. It takes just minutes to set up, provides PCI compliance, and we even have next-day funding with Level 2 and 3 processing, ensuring you get the best possible rate. Our all-in-one platform provides seamless integration and cutting-edge security to help you run your business better.

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Lanham Associates

Lanham Associates® creates supply chain software that improves customers’ business processes by streamlining operations, cutting costs, and increasing overall productivity.

Spanning demand planning, EDI, shipping, receiving, container tracking, and warehousing, the Lanham solutions are embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and use the same user interface and navigation, keeping all of your data inside Business Central.

Available as extensions for On-Premises, Subscription, or Microsoft Cloud implementations, Lanham solutions are designed to work together so you can start anywhere and grow, based on your needs.

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Primo Payday listing

Primo Payday

Primo Payday is the fully integrated payroll solution for Business Central. Written in AL, users can streamline payroll posting, capture critical accounting entry details, and leverage dimensions. The Primo Payday app allows you to run payroll within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution.  This improves efficiency with automatic posting of payroll to your GL and increases financial insight by giving you access to the accounting detail you need to properly analyze employee-related costs. The Primo Payday App offers:

  • Automated State and Federal Tax Table Updates
  • NEW- Auto Local Tax Updates
  • Automatic Posting to the GL
  • Batch Payroll Processing
  • Direct Deposit
  • W2, W3, 940, and 941 Reports
  • Configurable Report Layouts
  • Labor Costing
  • Jobs Costing
  • Employee Benefits Tracking
  • Employee Qualifications / Certifications Tracking
  • Employee On-boarding

Start driving efficiency within your payroll department today with Primo Payday!

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SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is a leading provider of full-service cloud solutions for our 3,000+ Microsoft Dynamics customers, including automated EDI, eCommerce, Marketplace, Assortment, and point of sale analytics visibility. Our unique blend of Microsoft experience, technology, people, and processes leverage the world’s largest retail network, giving our Microsoft customers the ability to focus on supporting their business.

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Versapay, Solupay, 2CP, and ChargeLogic merged in 2019, creating a market-leading business with Integrated Payments and Accounts Receivable Automation Solutions.

Versapay is focused on driving Accounts Receivable efficiencies and accelerating your companies' cash flow by connecting your Accounts Receivable team with your customers. We make billing and payments easier for you and your customers by eliminating paper and manual processes while reducing costs.

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