Datahaven 365

Datahaven 365 is a patented document management/ AP automation solution that enables organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity to maximize their ROI by saving time, reducing errors and manual data entry, and enhancing and accelerating document and transaction visibility across departments and applications.

Datahaven 365 offers solutions ranging from basic document and email archiving to advanced AP & sales automation—not to mention field service, human resources, inventory, lot tracking, manufacturing, projects, warehousing, and more.


Datahaven 365 is developed as an interconnected network of solutions embedded throughout the Microsoft business applications ecosystem you use every day, including

  • Business Central
  • D365 Sales
  • Outlook
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Teams

Datahaven 365 combines its patented virtual folder technologies with advanced document scanning, OCR data capture, outbound distribution, workflow automation, and enterprise-class security. Organizations can maximize their Datahaven 365 investment with our RESTful application programming interface.

Our API enables organizations to extend and embed Datahaven into Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and other web-based business applications, whether developed internally or by third parties. Our API also extends Power Automate so that users can build no-code document-centric workflows, including document-related triggers that kick off actions in other applications and vice versa.

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