Visual Planning vs Advanced Scheduling: is there really a difference within PlannerOne?

October 25, 2018 | 9 am CT/ 10 am ET

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a game changer. It is in full swing and with it the increasing investment of companies in digital solutions.

For some of your customers when it comes to Manufacturing Planning, switching from manual to automatic solutions can be a real conundrum. Should I go full speed on an advanced tools? Or should I favor a gradual approach? Should I start with a visual planner? Or should I directly invest in an Advanced Scheduling tool?

PlannerOne enables a smooth and step-by-step approach for your customers in the manufacturing and services industries taking into consideration the acute need for adaptation based on 2 modules: Production Scheduler and Resource Planner.

Discover how PlannerOne, a visual planning and advanced scheduling solution, can help your clients reach the agility they need, in one single solution.

Presented by Carla Ravizza, Channel Manager, DELMIA PlannerOne and Camille Bonnet, Solution Consultant, PlannerOne

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