Primo Payday Introduction

April 4, 2019 | 10 am CT/ 11 am ET

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Primo Payday was designed to be the integrated payroll solution for D365 Business Central Users. Leveraging an integrated payroll solution such as Primo Payday will streamline your payroll process and allow you to incorporate the payroll accounting detail within your corporate financial analytics. In the upcoming webinar, we will explore the capabilities of a payroll solution that allows you to instantly post payroll to your GL, analyze labor costs, integrate with Jobs and leverage the HR tools you need to successfully run your business.

Come see how integrated payroll can be the next step to your business success!

Presented by Whit Lester, VP Sales, NAV Payroll 

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About the Presenter:

NAV Payroll

NAV Payroll

NAV Payroll is a fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV payroll solution designed from the ground up with one goal in mind, simplicity. A pay period can be run and posted with just a few clicks of the mouse, and the posting setups are flexible enough to handle any payroll requirement. NAV Payroll delivers exceptional visibility into payroll expenses and how they impact your company’s profitability by item and/or customer. If you want all the visibility and control that NAV Payroll provides without the headaches associated with filing the payroll tax forms, NAV Payroll also has an additional service option that will take care of all your payroll tax filings and produce employee W-2’s each year.