Preparing for a Stress-Free Year-End Payroll Process

Need some guidance on what steps you should be taking to prepare for your year-end payroll processing and reporting? Attend this webinar and Lori will give you the complete run-down so that you can plan and prepare early on in December. 

We will touch on a number of topics:

  1. Getting your data in shape EARLY
    • Correct reporting ahead of time for Employee and Employer Totals
  2. Quarter Recalculation Process
  3. Year-End Payroll Tax Updates, & the process of installing/receiving them
  4. ACA reporting available in NAV
  5. Look for notification of any necessary/required Payroll Regulatory Updates and your options for installing them
  6. Ordering W-2’s and Envelopes in time if you are printing your own W-2’s

This should allow you to plan and prepare for a successful and less stressful year-end of Payroll Reporting.

Presented by Lori Knapp, Senior Application Consultant, Innovia Consulting