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Today's increasing number of business applications, both cloud, and on-premise, have changed the way we handle custom reporting. Popdock from eOne Solutions provides custom reporting from all business management systems in a single application.

Popdock makes it easy to create lists linking data across tables from a single source or among multiple sources while handling merges, compares, grouping, and summarizing your data, displaying it in any system. You can then take those lists and embed them right within Business Central or the application you want to be working in.

Watch and learn how you can gain the custom reporting your company needs to compete. 

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eOne Solutions

eOne Solutions

eOne Solutions lets you integrate and automate without any code with its SmartConnect and PopDock for Business Central / NAV. These tools help you integrate different systems and view data where and when you need it. They are designed to act seamlessly and provide actionable insights for the everyday doer.