Need a Spike in your Cash Flow? AR and Collection Manager can Help

Come join our webinar to learn more about A/R and Collections Management and just how flexible & easy it is to use in your business.

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A/R and Collections Management uses industry-leading artificial intelligence to scan past customer payment history and give you both the data and tools needed to collect all the cash that your company has earned.

The system will suggest who to contact and when, and will track every interaction so that your collections staff are armed with everything they need to get their job done. They will even move from being reactive—chasing down overdue invoices—to being proactive by addressing large invoices and potential problem payers before they become an issue.

Customers frequently see a spike in freed-up cash flow within 60 days of implementing A/R and Collections Management—a three-day reduction in your average days-to-collect translates to $8,000 of cash flow per million of gross revenue.

Presented by Bob Cole, Managing Director, Dynamic NAV Addons