How Manufacturers can overcome digital challenges with Integrated E-Commerce

B2B businesses are all looking to dash ahead in the race to digital transformation. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Every company today, no matter their industry, understands how critical it is to embrace digitization in a seamless and scalable way.

Nonetheless, most are also challenged when it comes to executing the steps that will help them reach this goal. Data challenges, customer experience demands, and systems that are not integrated are major, and sometimes unsurpassable, roadblocks that threaten to keep businesses stagnant.

Sana can maximize the potential of our clients business operations and align that with their e-commerce strategies using one critical tool: their ERP. Join Giuseppe Ianni from Sana Commerce and walk away with a better understanding of what, how, and why integrated e-commerce could be your engine that will drive sales and delight customers.

Presented by Giuseppe Ianni, VP of Sales, Sana Commerce

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