Extensions in a NAV 2013 Database

If you are a Dynamics NAV developer and you have been paying attention, you know that, after a fantastic run, the CSIDE development environment is being replaced with what Microsoft has named the Modern Development Environment. This is a freight train that is coming toward us and is picking up speed.

Prior to NAV 2013, it was common practice to perform technical upgrades on production databases to take advantage of improved stability and performance and new features that were available with the newer executables. I have tested and confirmed that this also works to enable using Visual Studio Code in a NAV 2013 database.

In this webinar, Joseph will
· Demonstrate creating an extension in a NAV 2013 database
· Review the steps that are needed to make this work
· Discuss why someone might want to do this.

Presented by Joseph Gress, Senior Development Consultant, Innovia Consulting

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