Distributors: Level-Up Your B2B eCommerce Strategy Within A Digitized Supply Chain

March 21, 2019 | 1 pm CT/ 2 pm ET

B2B businesses are all looking to dash ahead in the race to digital transformation. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Every company today, no matter their industry, understands how critical it is to embrace digitization in a seamless and scalable way.

Our upcoming webinar will detail everything you need to know about E-Commerce:
• Where distributors fall in their E-Commerce maturity (and why?)
• What’s at risk for distributors who are falling behind
• How distributors can evolve their E-Commerce strategy
• How Sana can help distributors master E-Commerce 2.0 and beyond

Join Giuseppe Ianni from Sana Commerce and walk away with a better understanding of why integrated E-Commerce could be your engine that will drive sales and delight customers (without the back-end complications that come with duplicated or fragmented data).

Presented by Giuseppe Ianni, VP of Sales, Sana Commerce

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About the Presenter:

Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce

We offer the shortcut to e-commerce. How? Through 100% seamless integration with SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. Our e-commerce solution leverages existing business logic and data in powerful and user-friendly web stores. This lets our clients focus on improving customer experience, streamlining sales processes, and increasing sales volume and frequency. Sana Commerce is a certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. Our innovative approach and strong partner network make Sana the driving force behind over 1,200 web stores worldwide. Because of our experience and expertise, we can go all the way, offering not only a product but also supporting services such as online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice, hosting, design and online payment providers.