Distributors: Level-Up Your B2B eCommerce Strategy Within A Digitized Supply Chain

B2B businesses are all looking to dash ahead in the race to digital transformation. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Every company today, no matter their industry, understands how critical it is to embrace digitization in a seamless and scalable way.

Our upcoming webinar will detail everything you need to know about E-Commerce:
• Where distributors fall in their E-Commerce maturity (and why?)
• What’s at risk for distributors who are falling behind
• How distributors can evolve their E-Commerce strategy
• How Sana can help distributors master E-Commerce 2.0 and beyond

Join Giuseppe Ianni from Sana Commerce and walk away with a better understanding of why integrated E-Commerce could be your engine that will drive sales and delight customers (without the back-end complications that come with duplicated or fragmented data).

Presented by Giuseppe Ianni, VP of Sales, Sana Commerce

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