BCUG/NAVUG Summit 2019

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BCUG/ NAVUG Summit hosts many great opportunities for education and collaboration. 

Summit Orlando is full of great sessions to help you develop leadership skills, improve NAV/BC skills, and learn how to get more from the investment your business has made in Microsoft Cloud technologies. Even more important than the sessions are the conversations they start. This is where the topics covered in the sessions are more fully explored, notes are compared, and stories are shared about how companies have put the lessons learned into use to help improve performance at their firm. In addition, these conversations lay the ground work for a connection, a relationship, and maybe even new friends. So why wouldn't you go to Summit? If you want to register for this conference please click on the NAVUG Summit image above (and use the code PRPInnovia for a special discount).

Attend this quick session to learn why you and your company should make sure to have BCUG/NAVUG Summit on your calendar and in your budget. If you have already registered then great! We still encourage you to come to this session and we will answer any questions and help you get the most out of your Summit experience.

Presented by Steve Waltz, Customer Engagement Specialist, Innovia Consulting

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