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Assessing Your Cyber Profile


Do you really understand your business' cyber risk? Understanding and evaluating your business' cyber profile is vital to continued growth, even if your leadership team does not fully grasp the technical details. Cybersecurity goes beyond just your IT department and truly is a business concern that requires collaboration between leadership, operations, relevant specialists, and IT.

Dive in with Lachesis to discover:
  • The current cybersecurity landscape
  • An overview of our proprietary cybersecurity assessment process
  • How we determine the most critical vulnerabilities so you can validate each dollar spent against overall business impact

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About the Presenter



Founded in 2016 by global business strategist Christopher Keslin, Lachesis brings affordable, yet sophisticated solutions to middle-market clients in the Midwest. Our decades of experience working with fortune 50 enterprises, combined with our unique skill sets, enable us to deliver results that future-proof companies and enable them to withstand the test of time.