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Demand Planning in the Covid-19 Era


Have Covid-19 complexities made demand planning and replenishment of your inventory even more challenging than usual?


We’ve been providing supply chain solutions and guidance to businesses for years, and from our vantage point it appears that while there’s no one pandemic scenario that applies to all areas, or all businesses, every company’s inventory management has been affected in some way.


In this special webinar we’ll review four “core response options” which the majority of our clients are using to meet Covid-19 related demand planning challenges.


We’ll also cover how to:

  • Address long lead times, seasonality, and sporadic stock
  • Proactively solve stock outs
  • Identify surplus and excess inventory at a glance 
  • Optimize with hub and spoke replenishment
  • Collaborate with customer and vendors
  • Apply these practices during the COVID -19 times

The world may be upside down,  but your inventory doesn't have to be. Join us to see what optimizing your inventory with absolute visibility could look like for you.

Bring your questions for our Q&A session at the end of our presentation.

About the Presenter

Lanham Associates

Lanham Associates

With Lanham's supply chain solutions are built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV, and designed to work together so you can start anywhere and grow based on your business needs. Every day more than 120,000 professionals in 20+ countries depend on Lanham Associates for productivity in supply chain management.