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Who is changing critical data in Dynamics NAV?

You know the drill. Someone from IT gets the call – “I need to know who changed the vendor address” – or “I need to know who deleted these customers”. Every business knows it is vital to know who is making changes in NAV. There are lots of reasons for knowing who is making critical changes, not least of which is fraud. Many times, incorrect data changes aren’t malicious, but they can still be harmful to your business. It is important to find and fix these with training or access restrictions.

You can track these changes in many ways. There is the native Change Log tool in Dynamics NAV. Change Log will help you find the errors and the origins of data modifications. The tool is included, but has some serious limitations, including limiting system performance overall. There are also 3rd party tools available to track changes.

If you are trying to determine the best way to track changes in your environment, check out this white paper: How to Choose an Audit Trail Software for Dynamics NAV. This paper covers:

  • Default Functionality in NAV
  • Set Up Time
  • System Performance
  • Audit Management and Capabilities

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