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Success and the Admin image 1The blank page before us. . .I always see the blank pages of the New Year as the greatest adventure yet to come!  With the onset of a New Year there are usually new budgets, new goals and a crisp clean new calendar.  The start of the New Year is a great time to reflect on your successes and opportunities from the past year and commit to making 2019 an epic year through the little daily action steps of continuous improvement.

When we choose as human beings to become the administrators, managers and leaders of our own lives both personally and professionally we can't help but inspire and encourage the world around us to choose to be better, to choose greatness.

Three things I think about as the New Year approaches are vision, passion and execution.  One thing I have learned over the years is to never feel like you have arrived, never coast.  Many years ago my cousin told me, "If you are coasting . . .you are going downhill" and those words have stuck with me for decades.  So at the onset of the New Year I begin to think about how far I have come and how far I still want to go, what amazing things I want to enjoy and experience in the future both long term and short term.  So I ask you what is your vision, what are your wildest dreams personally and professionally, because you have to see them to achieve them.  Please my fellow admin, do not settle for someone else's dreams and visions, you must find your own. And that brings me to our next topic passion.

What are you passionate about, what really gets you excited and makes your heart pump?  You need to spend some time discovering what you are really passionate about and then chart your course.  The things you are passionate about should drive your dreams and desires and propel you into action. One of my go to human beings of greatness is Robin Sharma, and he says repeatedly, "Ideation without execution is delusion", and that brings me to the execution or action part. Success and the Admin image 2

Once you know what you are passionate about and have dreamed the biggest dream you can conjure up, a dream of epic proportions, you must create an action plan.  Some plans may be big, long range plans and others more detailed, however the most important steps of all are the little ones you choose to take moving toward your vision, that incredible and extraordinary dream you dared to dream.  With each step toward that amazing vision we need to consider the next step.  If it is a dream about a family vacation or a new project at work, you must train yourself to continue to move forward, one step at a time and with each step ask yourself what is my next action step and then schedule it.

I hope you choose to spend some time as 2018 slips away thinking about vision, passion and execution and I hope to hear about your amazing adventures and accomplishments in 2019.

Those who know me, know that I am passionate about people, first my tribe and then about an ERP called D365 Business Central (NAV) and the community of people around it.  So for 2019 I commit to writing a blog I have named "Success & the Admin” Holly’s Habits, Hacks & Helpful Hints!  I hope you will enjoy the blog and continue our journey together in 2019.

Holly Kutil

Holly Kutil

Holly Kutil is Service and Support Lead at Innovia Consulting. She has worked in the Accounting/IT world for 40 years. She believes that every touchpoint, every connection, is an opportunity for a relationship, and by nurturing relationships and genuinely caring for people we encounter we not only serve them but ourselves as well. We all become richer from the encounter.

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