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Innovia Consulting Expands Innovia Training Workshop to New Platforms

Onalaska, Wisconsin – June 8, 2021

Following the launch of Innovia Training Workshops, Innovia Consulting has been focused on expanding its training offerings. Today, the firm is pleased to announce that its training classes are now available on two new platforms: Dynamics User Group (DUG)'s Skill-Up Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource.

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The Skill-Up marketplace from DUG is a collection of on-demand training courses from top experts in the Business Central/NAV community. While Innovia Training Workshops listed on AppSource and Innovia's website are live sessions, Skill-Up offers these same lessons in an on-demand format, broken down into bite-sized chunks based on topics.

Innovia is thrilled to be one of the first companies to have courses listed in this new resource for the Microsoft Dynamics community. CMO Tom Doran comments,

"We've seen with DynamicsCon how Dynamics User Group has emerged as a true leader for Dynamics and Power Platform user training. Because our goals align so well, it made sense to partner with them to offer Innovia Training Workshop content on the Skill-Up Platform. We're especially excited that this new initiative allows us to offer on-demand training, which helps us reach a different learning audience than live sessions."

Microsoft AppSource is the official source for apps, consulting services, and training for Microsoft Dynamics (and other Microsoft products as well). Innovia Consulting already had several Business Central services listing, but now is one of the few companies to have its training workshops listed in AppSource.
Together, these two additional platforms open up the audience for Innovia Training Workshops significantly and give customers new options for how to interact with its learning content.
Describing Innovia's commitment to expanding its instructional content, CEO Alan Wyne says:

"Innovia has a long history of support to the NAV/BC community with technical expertise and training. We're happy to bring our training content to these new platforms to reach our community in even more ways."

In addition to the new platforms, Innovia is also expanding its training offerings. You can now review the full list of current and planned workshops on the Innovia website.

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