Save Tons of Cash Flow - Microsoft Annual Enhancement Fees Can Now Be Paid Monthly!

Onalaska, Wisconsin – June 3, 2020

Microsoft has released a plan that allows you to make monthly payments on your Annual Enhancement instead of the normal lump sum payment each year. By spreading out these payments, they can be easier for companies struggling with cash flow.

This plan is called the “CSP – Enhancement Plan Renewal Offer” (CSP-EP), and it is remarkably simple. Here are the requirements and process to make it happen:

  1. You must be current on your Annual Enhancement and have an On-Prem Microsoft license. 
  2. The Subscription name is Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium Cloud Add-on from DPL", AND it gives downgrade rights to the current on-premises version. This works for not only NAV, but also GP, SL, and AX. 
  3. Customers can purchase a Business Central Cloud Subscription with a 60% Discount and enough Licenses that are equal to or greater than their Annual Enhancement fee from their Partner
  4. Do not confuse your cloud licensed user count with your on-prem user count, They DO NOT have to be the same. (See the example below) 
  5. You can get 4:1 users for FREE! For those customers with a high number of concurrent users on their license, Microsoft will allow a one-time addition within 60 days of activating the offer.   
  6. Even though you will be switching to a monthly payment, you must pay each month for the entire year, or you will be considered lapsed. 
    Lapsed Exception: Microsoft is allowing exceptions for customers who already lapsed on their EP between January 1, 2020, and May 31, 2020. 


  7. After three years, the offer ends. You can choose to keep your on-prem license (and go back to paying annually) or switch to the cloud. You can then choose your exact number of cloud users going forwardIf you stay in the cloud, you are not required to meet the minimum Annual Enhancement amount. 

How does this work? 

  1. Purchase theDynamics 365 Business Central Premium Cloud Add-on from DPL Subscription from your CSP Partner with enough licenses to cover the amount of your EA.
    For example, say your Annual Enhancement cost is $20,000 with an on-prem user count of 28 usersThat means your cloud named user count needs to be at least 42 users(20,000 / 12 / $40 = Roundup 42). 

    You can mix and match full users (Premium or Essential) with Device or Team Members.  Choose any mix you want, just make sure the total value is greater than your EA Cost.  
  2. Your partner needs to send three items to Microsoft Operations: 
    1. A copy of the CSP Order Confirmation 
    2. Your CustomerSource account number,  
    3. Their Partner’s organizations PSBC account number  

Don’t forget - The request for additional true-up users must be made within 60 days of initial CSP license purchase to receive the 4:1 benefit.

Want to get started now?

We encourage you to watch our webinar with Donavan Lane and Jeff Pergolski as they go over these details. 

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For current Innovia customers, you may contact your account manager to start this process, or you can click the "Contact Us" link below, fill out a short form, and we will have your account manager reach out to follow up. 

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