NAV 2018 Top 5 for Sales

Since the release of NAV 2018 last month we have been having a blast trying out all the new features. Because there are so many different types of NAV users, I made three different lists of my favorite features for Sales, Accounting, and IT. There are some overlaps because some of the new or improved features will be popular with more than one group.


Top 5 list of new/improved features in NAV 2018 for Sales People

1. Improved integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales – Easy synchronization that runs in the background with the ability to monitor sync progress. Sales orders can be now set up to automatically converted from Dynamics 365 for Sales in NAV without any manual intervention.
2. User tasks – NAV 2018 now gives you the ability to assign user tasks to other NAV users in your organization and monitor their progress within NAV. This is a great tool for sales people to use to stay on top of their own accounts as well as assigning administrative tasks and financial tasks.
3.Contact interactions – The Outlook Add-In has been made even more powerful as it now allows you to create customer interactions in Outlook that are synced right into NAV. If you respond to a customer email, you can enter the important information from that interaction directly in NAV without leaving Outlook.
4. Power BI Reporting – NAV 2018 allows for embedded Power BI reports on many more locations within the application. These Power BI reports are also now context sensitive so it dynamically changes the report depending on what you’re analyzing. A great tool for the sales team to analyze customer accounts.
5. Web Client Personalization – Because a lot of sales people are in the field and not always sitting in front of a PC with NAV installed, improvements to the NAV 2018 web client are a big deal. NAV 2018 gives users the ability to personalize the web client in much the same way that they can personalize their own Role Tailored Client in the windows version installed on their PC. That means improved productivity by seeing just the data you care about regardless of what kind of device you’re on.


If you are interested in seeing all the new changes in NAV 2018, reach out to your Innovia account manager and ask for the “What’s new in 2018” document and maybe even request a NAV 2018 demo environment license so you can evaluate it yourself. It’s the best NAV ever!

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Jeffrey Pergolski

Jeffrey Pergolski

Jeff has worked with clients large and small to help them make the most of their Microsoft licensing solutions. Jeff is a technology enthusiast, which has led him to be an early adopter of both hardware and software solutions. Jeff is also the co-host of the Innovia Conversation, where he and Steve share Business Central/NAV tips, interviews, and more. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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