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Insight Works' Shop Floor Data Collection

Looking to improve inefficiencies in Shop Time Tracking?

This Insight Works' Shop Floor Data Collection blog is for you!

We understand the problems associated with not tracking (or poorly-tracked) shop time in the manufacturing world. These range from knowing if you’re charging customers the right amount and concerns about making your targeted profit margins to improving inefficiencies – and seemingly everything in-between.

In a nutshell, shop floor data collection enables a manufacturer to track the time associated with their manufacturing process. Indeed, productivity is increased in the manufacturing environment with accurate time tracking, enabling real-time accurate data on labor and production costs – all while shop floor employees clock in and out of jobs, operate machinery and enter/exit the facility on a daily basis. Shop floor managers use this recorded data to manage productivity, accurately predict delivery dates, make more efficient purchasing decisions and measure employee performance for scheduled reviews.

Talk about modernizing the shop floor!

As makers of the innovative Shop Floor Insight data collection solution for barcoded time capture, time and attendance and employee time management, Insight Works  presented at a webinar, that addressed issues related to poorly-handled shop time tracking. It’s an event you’re not going to want to miss if you’re fully invested in the manufacturing process of your operations. You can view the recording here.

Here are a few shop floor data collection benefits, at a glance:

  • Flexible Job Management Access

By investing in the right shop floor data collection solution, managers are given the tools they need to effectively manage all jobs, including logging a combination of employee jobs, unattended jobs, and work centers – under one integrated manufacturing software system. Use this accurate data to improve productivity and make needed changes to job time allotments.

  • Accurate Data for Reporting

Through shop floor data collection, time and attendance data is entered into one fully-integrated system that allows you to obtain real-time access to current work progress by employee, job, department, work center or supervisor. Now, with all time and attendance recorded in one application by various departments, all pieces going through the shop will be tracked for quality control and inventory.

  • Control Labor Costs Via Integrated Reporting

With shop floor data collection, employees can clock in, log onto work orders, log off work orders and clock out, all while easy-to-access data is provided for balancing labor costs by shift, work order, project or department. You know what this means for you? Better control of labor costs. Everything relating to employee costs is conveniently consolidated in one application and fully integrated with your payroll application(s).

It Doesn’t Take a Huge Investment to Learn How to Eliminate Money-Losing Activities

If there’s one thing you should take away from the upcoming webinar on shop floor data collection, it’s this: A solution like Shop Floor Insight should be viewed as an investment in your company. From increased data accuracy and reduced overhead costs to improvement in staff efficiency, these solutions are all about:

  • Saving overhead time by automating shop floor data collection.
  • Gaining savings via increased quality.
  • Increasing sales by improved efficiency and quality.
  • Reducing labor costs and data entry errors.
  • Making everything customizable and configurable.
  • Clarifying communication.

Learn why it’s time to say goodbye to manual time tracking on the shop floor – Click Here to watch our webinar on the topic.

Insight Works

Insight Works

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