Document Capture

Are you tired of typing up invoices and other documents manually? Would you like to win back control of invoice approval and let anyone approve from anywhere?

Automate every step of your daily invoice processing, from receiving and registering documents to retrieving them later for auditing and reporting purposes. With Continia Document Capture, built-in OCR technology reads textual content and sends documents to the correct workflows for approval and archiving. And you get all of this with minimal user involvement, saving you both time and the hassle of having to register documents manually.

Document Capture supports a wide range of document formats, PDF files, and electronic documents with out-of-the-box support for major XML-based invoicing formats. In short, you get the complete solution to communicate effectively with your vendors from all over the world.

Happy business woman using a tablet computerAccess your company's invoices wherever you are.

Electronic documents are processed in the same way as PDF files. The solution automatically applies a set of registration, approval, and posting rules that enable you to quickly convert PEPPOL/XML documents into purchase invoices and, if desired, post the invoices right away.

You can easily approve invoices and other documents either directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central Online or using the Continia Web Approval Portal, so everyone in your organization can access the approval workflow at any time. At the same time, you have direct access to the digital archive, meaning that you always have the right information and insights when you need them.

Key features and benefits of using the app:

  • Automated data capture using award-winning OCR technology
  • Efficient processing and registration of documents, no matter the format
  • Elimination of manual registration and handling of documents
  • Approval of purchase invoices and credit memos from anywhere
  • An easy and quick search for archived purchase documents
  • Geographical independence, enabling remote employees to view purchase documents
  • Strong control and security with full audit trails

Complete digital invoice workflow for Business Central users.
Handle everything around the accounts payable processes without leaving Business Central. 

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