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Clear your calendar for the Ultimate Data Collection Streamlining webinar!

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics user who relies on data to make vital business decisions? If so, you definitely won’t want to miss the upcoming Innovia webinar where one of our partners, Insight Works will show folks just like you how to streamline the data collection process. Whether you’re operating a supply chain business that is moving product through the warehouse or you’re part of a manufacturing operation and need to track production time, Insight Works – as a guest presenter for the webinar – will show you how to accomplish it. 

Join Insight Works’ president Mark Hamblin as he introduces you to the power of barcodes and then goes on to explain how to integrate them into your operations…before divulging all there is to know about the immense power they possess to help collect data and manage processes.

Sound intriguing? We’ve got more.

By carving out some time for this webinar, you will:

  • Understand how to move from a manual warehouse system to an integrated barcoding process.
  • Learn how to use mobile computers on the warehouse floor to manage receiving, picks, put-aways, shipping and more.
  • Garner insight with regard to improving time capture accuracy for production orders, jobs, service orders and maintenance.
  • Learn how to easily capture operational data including consumption, output and quality.
  • Grasp how to precisely record time and attendance based on employee shifts and exception reporting.

What You Will Come Away With

In a nutshell, this webinar is going to explain the general concept behind the inefficiencies related to using paper when managing a warehouse, or tracking time in the manufacturing process. What’s more, you’ll understand how paper-based systems are inefficient and error-prone, and how by moving to automated data collection via the use of barcodes, you can streamline operations and increase data accuracy.

Featured Insight Works Products

During the webinar, Mark will be showcasing two of Insight Works’ most popular products that have everything to do with harnessing the power of barcodes – Warehouse Insight, a mobile warehouse data collection solution, and Shop Floor Insight, which utilizes barcoded production orders to simplify data capture on the shop floor while reducing the errors associated with manual time entry.

Applauded as the go-to mobile warehouse management system, Warehouse Insight supports all NAV location and item tracking configurations, and also supports a variety of industry standard scanners and other mobile terminals. Through the magic of Warehouse Insight, you can experience real-time access to inventory and production data while performing all inventory and management operations from handheld devices.

Ready to say goodbye to manual time tracking on the shop floor? Those headaches are a thing of the past with Shop Floor Insight, a comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time and attendance protocols and employee time management. You can definitely look at Shop Floor Insight as an investment in your company, as by automating your shop floor data collection, you’ll increase data accuracy, reduce unnecessary overhead costs and improve the efficiency of your staff.


Insight Works

Insight Works

Insight Works is a leading developer of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Insight Works specializes in helping manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution companies get the most out of their ERP. It works with a global network of partners who, together, help companies excel and be leaders in their industry. Insight Works is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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