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From Graneries to WMS: The Warehouse Story

Warehousing’s origins started long ago with the creation of granaries to store food, making the food then available for purchase during times of famine. Fast forward to today’s warehousing world and you’ll encounter numerous Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), also designed to feed a need, but today the hunger is for information.Lanham Associates.png

No matter how simple or sophisticated a WMS application is, its goal is the same -- to provide management with the information it needs to efficiently control the movement of materials within a warehouse.

Lanham’s ACE Warehousing, built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, enhances NAV’s basic WMS functions by providing mobile, real-time, data-validated access in the warehouse. ACE Warehousing greatly improves control over warehouse tasks, resulting in the highest levels of accuracy and customer service. And since each scan and entry using a handheld device is validated and recorded with time stamps by Dynamics NAV as it takes place, it also drives up productivity.

Warehouse workers have a straight-forward device interface and scanning to work with, and NAV office users see the warehouse information where it belongs: right inside their NAV database, using their familiar NAV user interface. There are no delays in knowing what’s in the warehouse caused by store and forward techniques, and no messy interfaces to deal with and cause upgrade concerns.

Enables on-the-floor warehouse personnel to work smarter and faster:  The ACE Warehousing solution essentially works the way you do, allowing your on-the-floor warehouse personnel to execute tasks while recording each activity as it happens. For example:

  • Goods in the receiving area are scanned and the system dynamically generates a directed put-away. If bar codes are needed on products, a bar code label can be printed for that item, all at the time of receiving.
  • Using a handheld device, warehouse managers can spot check bin contents and make adjustments on the fly.
  • Movements between bins are as simple as scanning the bin and its contents, then scanning the destination bin. All of the background work in NAV is automatically handled for the user, saving tremendous time and effort.
  • Integrated to E-Ship, pick-to-tote makes fast shipping a snap, reducing the time to pack and ship in an advanced warehouse setup.

Physical Inventory Without Freezing Bins or Items: In ACE Warehousing, outstanding pick, put-away, and movement transactions, as well as current scans, are taken into account when performing physical inventory functions. All of which increases productivity since users are not required to freeze bins or items during their physical inventory work.

Real-time Inventory for Unprecedented Visibility: Unlike Store and Forward WMS Systems, Lanham’s ACE Warehousing is real-time, built inside the business system, so not only do you get all of your information in one place for easy access inside NAV, but your inventory is up-to-the-second current which makes for a much more accurate warehouse, and better fulfillment for your customers’ orders.

Learn more on the upcoming Webinar “WMS Best Practices inside NAV: Lanham ACE Warehousing” on November 5.  In addition to discussing the differences between NAV warehousing and the Lanham’s ACE Warehousing solution, we will also explore the features and benefits Lanham ACE Warehousing can deliver to your organization.


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