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RTC Personalization

Personalization is one of the single most important features in the NAV RTC environment. The Role Tailored Client (RTC) is designed to give users everything they need right at their fingertips. Defining and assigning Role Centers is only the beginning of what you can do as a user to customize your pages to fit your needs.

RTC allows you to have all the documents and activities right in front of you in your Role Center. Although adding features to a page can be nice, I think simplifying by removing features you do not use can be even more powerful.
NAV does a fairly good job of keeping your actions organized in the ribbon but I would be willing to bet that most of you have action items on your ribbon that you don’t use and you know you will never use. Why not customize your ribbon to make your job easier? Why search through all of the actions each time you want to use one? Let’s take posting on a sales order for example. As you can see from the screenshot below, you have four options in the "Posting" section.

RTC Personalization 1


For your business process you only use the “Post and Print” option. Why not personalize your ribbon to only show this option?

To accomplish this, from the dropdown on the top left of the page, select “Customize” then “Customize Ribbon”.

RTC Personalization 2

The screen that opens will not only allow you to add other actions to the ribbon, but delete ones you do not use as well.

RTC Personalization 3

Because this is now the only posting method you will use, you can also change the “Default Icon Size” property to “Large Icon Size”.

RTC Personalization 14

The newly customized ribbon will now show only the “Post and Print” option. Not only can you find this button more easily but now you have eliminated the likelihood that you will accidentally click on the wrong item.

RTC Personalization 4

Hey, that’s pretty nice! I'm sure you're asking 'What else can I do?' Most users know that you can add and remove columns from the sales order lines. But did you know that you can add, remove, and re-order your FactBoxes and FastTabs? Let's say you work in the Shipping Department and don’t care about invoicing. You can removie this FastTab to simplify your screen for ease of use and efficiency

RTC Personalization 5

If you select "Customize" on the FactBox it will allow you to arrange the fields in a different order and even remove the field from showing in the FactBox.

RTC Personalization 6

RTC Personalization 7

Do you find it cumbersome looking through all the fields on a particular FastTab? When you customize a FastTab you can change the order of the fields to your liking. You can assign three different importance levels on each field in your FastTab as well. Importance levels are "Standard", "Additional", and "Promoted". This can be extremely useful when you only want to see certain fields but want to be able to display the rest of them for special situations. To accomplish this you will need to set your important fields as "Promoted" so that they show even when the FastTab is minimized.
Let’s take another example from our sales order “Shipping” FastTab. For the majority of the time, you would like to only see "Ship-to Code", "Ship-to Name", and "Ship-to State" but still need to have the other fields available. "Ship-to State" is a very important field and you will need to see this for most orders. You would set the "Ship-to Code" and "Ship-to Name" fields as "Standard" fields while the "Ship-to State" field would be set to "Promoted". The remaining fields would be set to "Additional".

To set your importance levels go back to the dropdown arrow and select "Customize", then "Customize This Page". Next, select "FastTabs", "Shipping", and "Customize FastTab".

RTC Personalization 8

RTC Personalization 9

This is where you can change the importance level.

RTC Personalization 10

Notice below what this configuration will look like when you open the "Shipping" FastTab. You only see the "Ship-to Code", "Ship-to Name", and "Ship-to State".

RTC Personalization 11

If you need to see any of the "Additional" fields you can click on the "Show more fields" arrow in the bottom right corner. To return your standard view, click on the "Show fewer fields" arrow in the bottom right corner. This acts as a toggle switch.

RTC Personalization 12

If you minimize this FastTab you will see that the "Ship-To State" is listed on the FastTab bar. This is because you defined the field as "Promoted".

RTC Personalization 13

If you are an everyday NAV user you can help streamline your screen views by utilizing these personalization features. Make the time to look into this sooner rather than later. You will be surprised at the time savings that you will realize by streamlining your business process and becoming more efficient.


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