Vetting your NAV Partner


We all know the importance of selecting the right product to help you run your business.  Companies spend a great deal of energy, time, and commitment to validate products that will assist them in growing, running, and expanding their business.  This decision, often made after months or years of effort, is both strategic and technical in nature.  This is not a decision made lightly. An excellent product will provide valuable information to decision makers to help them operate and streamline their business.

While vertical market solutions may provide slightly more knowledge of a particular industry, the product is intrinsically tied to the vendor.  Therefore, if the time arrives when you feel that the vendor is no longer keeping up with technology, is unresponsive to your needs, or is on shaky financial ground, you will end up being forced to replace both the product and vendor. Or, as the old saying goes, throwing the baby out with the bath water.

With Microsoft Dynamics you have the option of keeping the investment made in the product, yet changing out the partner of record if needed.  The investment made in the selection, implementation, training, and operation of Microsoft Dynamics is significant for most companies.  The thought of replacing the product is an expensive and painful decision.  The flexibility of changing partners without the need to replace the product is a significant factor in the purchasing decision.

With all that is at stake in this decision, one of the most important, but sometimes overlooked, aspects is the vetting of your solution partner.  One of the great benefits of Microsoft NAV ERP software is the ability to select and change your solution partner.

With Microsoft Dynamics you have the opportunity to not only select an outstanding product for your business but, also, the opportunity to choose your partner as well.  Once you have made your product selection take the time to vet your partner.  Ask for references, site visits, background on the partner, and take the time to select the partner that best fits your business.  Microsoft Dynamics has a wide range of exceptionally talented partners who provide a wide variety of skill sets, experience, and abilities.  Take the time to ensure you have the best partner to compliment your business.  Use some of the same criteria used when selecting the product that best fit your needs.  Will the partner compliment your business?  Does the partner have the skills, knowledge, and talent to help you achieve your goals?  What is the depth and breadth of the partner’s bench?  What do others have to say about the partner?

Talk to other companies for references.  Attend Envision and user groups to ascertain opinions on the partner’s ability to deliver.  Take the opportunity to invest in a great partner in the same way you took time to invest in a great product!


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Innovia Consulting

Innovia Consulting

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