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Rapid Start Can Save Time, Money, and Headaches

Did you know ‘Rapid Start’ can save you time and reduce implementation headaches?

You say no way and how is that? Well, let it be said. Microsoft has harmonized the ERP implementation basics with the increased value of tools such as RapidStart, Jet Express, Automated Bank Reconciliation, Mapping tools for integration and much more. Let us journey and create that fen shui which all implementation approaches should build on. A ‘passion’ to solve business needs, leverage implementation technique and tools to reduce stress and drive client buy in.Light bulb

In brief
RapidStart is one of the valuable tools from Microsoft Dynamics used to speed up implementation projects by building configuration packages containing basic setup data using the configuration worksheet to perform a new company setup. It is also used by end users to bulk-edit their Microsoft Dynamics data (like Customers, vendors, items, journal lines, dimensions etc.) exchange data with others and bring data from external sources into the Dynamics ERP product.

General overview
RapidStart is a tool which drives repeatability, a faster approach to creating those testing environments for both the technical, implementation and client ‘playground’ environments. The application consultants can now leverage the tool to update records with minimal amount of technical support and can position Add-on products more efficiently driving a solid deliverable for testing, conference room pilots and even drive efficiencies for the Go Live structure.

NOTE: This does not take the ‘technical’ out of the implementation, but rather may reduce the ‘technical’ necessary to implement a Microsoft Dynamics ERP software.

For more in depth, step by step use of this product you can view this short video from Dmitry Chadayev who introduces the capabilities of the RapidStart tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

- See more at: http://www.partnerpowerinternational.com/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-rapidstart-for-microsoft-dynamics-nav/#sthash.LVu7oySH.dpuf or even view the step by step slideshow which is available at: http://dynamicsuser.net/media/p/362897.aspx


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Jenny Hollingsworth

Jenny Hollingsworth

Jenny Hollingsworth is a Senior Application Consultant/Mentor with Innovia Consulting. She has served as lead consultant for over 50 BC/NAV implementation and over 50 upgrades, where she has helped clients optimize their systems' finance, manufacturing, and other functions to meet their unique goals. She is a sought-after speaker in the BC/NAV community and has presented on manufacturing best practices at numerous conferences, including Community Summit. She is also an instructor for the new Innovia Training Workshops courses.

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