Announcing ERP Services with Innovia

At Innovia, our goal is always to provide our customers with a timely experience that does not compromise on quality. To support that goal, we have added a new team called ERP Services. Like the ERP Support team, the ERP Services team is focused on providing excellent customer service. However, unlike the ERP Services team, which focuses on break/fix requests that are critical to business operations and require timely attention, the ERP Services team, with a combination of application, development, and project management skills designed to handle customer requests that are not necessarily a part of a specific project, will focus on requests that are more proactive in nature and generally require more design and analysis work.

With these two teams, we can offer comprehensive support regardless of need  Using the ERP Services team is the same as using the Support team: customers submit tickets to, which will be sent to either the ERP Support team or the ERP Services team.


Chad Williams

Chad Williams

Chief Operations Officer at Innovia Consulting

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