10 Crucial Tips for Successful Sales this Holiday Season

eCommerce has soared since the onset of COVID-19, and it’s predicted to continue climbing throughout the 2020 holiday season. To take advantage of this trend while avoiding challenges like website crashes and late deliveries, retailers need a plan.

But where to begin?

Surging online sales can have sales tax implications. And experts predict this year’s holiday season will be unlike any we’ve seen before, due largely to changes in buyers’ shopping behavior. With more consumers choosing to shop online, retailers will continue to face both opportunities and challenges as they strive to meet demand.

10 tips for successful selling in the 2020 holiday season

To help you face these challenges, our partner Avalara offers a free guide called "10 tips for successful selling in a holiday season like no other." In it, Avalara provides the practical advice you need to handle surging eCommerce, give your customers seamless buying experiences across all channels, and maintain sales tax compliance.

Understanding how increased digital sales and activities - such as selling through online marketplaces and direct to consumers - may impact your requirements to register, collect, and remit sales tax is critical.

Download "10 tips for successful selling in a holiday season like no other" and learn how you can make this holiday retail season bright. You'll discover why success this holiday season depends on how well you:

  • Fortify your eCommerce site
  • Power omnichannel operations
  • Communicate with customers about deliveries and costs - including sales tax and duties

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