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One Step Ahead?

Wayne Gretzky Quote

Being proactive is a key component in being a successful administrator in any career, or on a personal level.  Thinking ahead, looking ahead and solving the potential problems before they happen is another way to amaze the people around you.  This is the second key in Shep Hyken’s book, “Be Amazing or Go Home!”

Shep mentions Radar O’Riley from M*A*S*H in this section.  What a great picture of thinking a step ahead.  If you are not fortunate enough to have seen M*A*S*H and Radar, let’s just say he was always more than a step ahead. It was as if he had a magic power and keen intuition to know what was going to happen every moment and what people wanted or needed.  Another great sports icon he quotes is one of my favorites. Growing up in a house where hockey was more important than any other sport, Wayne Gretzky was the king, and when asked about his career and ability, he was known to say, “I just skate to where the puck is going to be”.

By thinking ahead, being proactive and coming up with plans to keep those problems and issues from occurring, you are creating a predictably positive experience for those you serve.  The goal here is to build consistency in the process so everyone around you knows what to expect because the process and outcome are always the same.

So, will it be easy? No!  But, will it be worth it? Most definitely!  It will take time and energy to think ahead and create a plan to keep from the pit falls in life and business but building that consistent plan of action will pay off with great loyalty.

An important consideration here is to be flexible. We can become ridged in our planning and playbook. We can recite rules over relationship, or we can empower our teams and allow yourself and team to break the rules.  Yes, sometimes doing the right thing for the relationship is different that following the rules.  It is ok…like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

In the end, staying a step ahead is creating a process that solves problems before others even realize there is a problem.  This amazes people!

Please consider joining us in reading this amazing book! 

Be Amazing or Go Home Book

Be Amazing or Go Home
Seven Customer Service Habits
That Create Confidence with Everyone

Author: Shep Hyken | ISBN: 978-0963782076

Holly Kutil

Holly Kutil

Holly Kutil is a Customer Success Manager at Innovia Consulting. She has worked in the Accounting/IT world for 40 years. She believes that every touchpoint, every connection, is an opportunity for a relationship, and by nurturing relationships and genuinely caring for people we encounter we not only serve them but ourselves as well. We all become richer from the encounter.

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