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If you have tried to set up security in NAV, you know that this can be a very complex and time consuming trial and error process.

Due to the complexity and time it takes to set up security, customers often end up going live with all users as Super users, which means they have full access to all data in NAV. Not until the auditors knock on the door and require tighter security, or the company experiences data loss or damage because users unintentionally changed or deleted data, do they start the process of tying down security.

By setting up proper security in NAV you not only limit users from seeing sensitive data, you also prevent users from inadvertently changing or deleting data.

In addition, with added segregation of duties and Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements, having proper security set up is becoming even more important.

With NAV Easy Security we have created a tool that helps NAV customers quickly get proper security set up, whether they just want to protect their data from mistakenly being altered or are required to set up tight security for legal, auditing, or other business reasons.

With Easy Security you can quickly turn your Super users into secured users.

Also, Easy Security enhances NAV standard security with field level and data security.

NAV Easy Security Roles and Logins

With NAV Easy Security Roles and Logins you can group roles and companies for easier set up. The permission recorder allows you to record your own roles and permissions.

To record a new role, you simply turn on the recorder, perform the task you want to create permissions for, and the recorder and the built-in source code analyzer automatically finds all the permissions needed to perform the task. This ensures that a role is set up correctly the first time and eliminates a painful trial and error process when creating new roles.

Easy Security also comes with a set of Sarbanes Oxley compliant roles that have been verified for segregation of duties. These roles can easily be updated to work with your own customizations or add-ons.

NAV Easy Security Field Level and Data Security

With NAV Easy Security Field Level and Data Security you can limit users’ access to specific pages, fields, actions, and data. With Field Level and Data Security you can hide fields and pages, make fields and pages non-editable, or limit the data users can see. For example, you can set up data security so users can only see data from a certain department or location or you can prevent them from seeing data for individual G/L accounts, like payroll accounts.

NAV Easy Security is available for all versions of NAV and works in both the Classic and RoleTailored/Windows/Web/Tablet clients.

For more information about Easy Security, visit our website.

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mergeTOOL offers a suite of products to help you set up and maintain data security. Its Easy Security solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV allow you to easily assign security permissions, control access to data on the field level, and much more.

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