It's Teamwork That Makes The Dream Work!

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As the saying goes, "Teamwork makes the dream work”. It is also teamwork that makes the ERP Admin successful.  Commissioning and empowering an ERP super team is essential, not just in implementation, but also in maintaining your ERP.  

This team should take ownership of their department and all workflows that interact with the ERP in their area of expertise.  As an ERP Administrator this is the team of people you should be pouring your heart and soul into along with training them to be experts and take ownership of their designated area of the ERP.  They should be the go to person in their department, and should be able to assist their co-workers in training, errors, and should be given the freedom to be creative and implement new workflows and processes that improve their department as well as others.  

Below are some tips for empowering your own dream team. 

  1. You must interview, onboard, evaluate and administer the people you bring on to the team. They should not be appointed by someone else, or be selected because they are the department heads, managers, supervisors. While they have their place, they are often not the people for the ERP Dream Team.  Spend time in each department working with your co-workers, the one with a passion for the ERP and looking under the hood will quickly be at your side and you will know they are the right fit. 
  1. Spend time with your team as a group and individually. It is a good practice to have an open door policy for them to collaborate and share ideas and concerns with you and other team members.  It is also vital to know your team, their strengths and weaknesses, what makes them tick.  If possible and space allows creating a huddle room or space for them to work together on projects and ideas can create amazing results.  Can your team members say, "At work I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day."It's Teamwork That Makes the Dream Work image 2
  1. Applaud, reward and brag! Show off your team and brag on them whenever you can and celebrate them.  We all have greatness and genius in us and they will rise to your expectations and belief in them.  Always be authentic, and this should not be a problem if you did your due diligence in building the team.  "There is always something to celebrate!" 
  1. Listen, invest and be supportive. The successful administrators will give their team the tools and coaching they need to be ridiculously and epically amazing! Empower them and sit back and watch them soar! 

Until next time-

~ Holly

Holly Kutil

Holly Kutil

Holly Kutil is Service and Support Lead at Innovia Consulting. She has worked in the Accounting/IT world for 40 years. She believes that every touchpoint, every connection, is an opportunity for a relationship, and by nurturing relationships and genuinely caring for people we encounter we not only serve them but ourselves as well. We all become richer from the encounter.

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