Do you Feel Under Prepared for your Projects? Here's how a Planning Session can Help

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We have all heard the phrase “Pay me now or pay me later”, but have you ever thought of how this impacts a new project that you might be embarking on? Paying later is often more costly, which is why up-front planning is critical to any project, especially one that has many moving pieces like an upgrade, restart or new implementation.

One hour of planning can save up to five hours on the other end, which equates to cost because, as we all know, “Time is money.” How many times have you started a project and realized that if you had only read the directions or took more time upfront, the whole process would have required less time? From experience, taking the upfront time to review processes, paperwork flow, and business needs dramatically cuts down on the time and ‘pain’ during the process, especially during the go-live. This is because we are capturing this information at the right time, before we even start setting up the system. In addition, many companies who have long-time employees are running parts of their businesses on ‘tribal knowledge.’ This is information that only these individuals know, and without a planning session, this information would never be captured.

There’s no getting around it - projects are painful - especially because users are expected to do their current jobs and learn a new system on top of that. Our job at Innovia is to manage this pain, as well as expectations and cost, and one way we do just that, is by engaging our clients in a planning session. 

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Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

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