Discover 5 Ways That Dynamics 365 for Sales Builds SMBs

Achieve Higher Sales Performance with Helpful Tools from Dynamics 365 for Sales

It’s no secret that customer relationship management (CRM) makes hard-working sales teams more efficient and better organized, so it’s also no coincidence that 87% of best-in-class companies use CRM to manage and maintain their customer relationships.

Unfortunately, however, CRM use is often limited to larger companies, because SMBs share a common misconception that CRM is simply a pricey customer database. After reading today’s post, you’ll realize that Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales does far more than store customer data – and you’ll learn how affordable a powerful, flexible CRM system can be.

  1. Reach Customers Anywhere and Any Time

As a cloud-based program, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps salespeople qualify leads, prepare quotes, and manage their pipeline from absolutely anywhere in the world. The always up-to-date software displays real-time information at all times, so your team can access lead contact details and close deals right on the spot.

  1. Uncover New Leads Effortlessly

With access to sortable, filterable, and searchable lists inside Microsoft’s powerhouse CRM, your dedicated salespeople can line up all their next great opportunities and find the leads they need quickly and easily.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales looks, feels, and acts like the flexible, familiar Microsoft programs you’re used to – and even integrates with all the Microsoft Office programs as well. This means your team can edit proposals in Word; call contacts in Skype; and view, manipulate, and save list data in familiar Excel without ever leaving Dynamics 365. Now that’s a time saver.  

  1. Stay in the Know with Up-to-Date Funnels

Fast information leads to faster sales. Get your information at a glance with attractive, intuitive dashboards located right within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Organize leads into personalized graphics or charts, or quickly identify opportunity status, sales goals, and active leads using pre-built templates.

  1. Increase Competition So You Can Win More

Sales is competitive, and winning more deals can act as a natural motivator. Increase your sales team’s goals and get them in a good-natured battle when you compare their stats using interactive reports. These reports help your salespeople target and track the company’s important metrics using drill-down, easy-to-build reports featuring natural-language Q&As.

Competition can be a drag if your team can’t use the tools they want, which is why flexible Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales offers a variety of pre-made Excel report templates, so your top performers can manage their leads and share their sales forecasts in the way that suits them best.

  1. Reel in Leads Using the Business Process Bar

Long sales cycles and full pipelines can tax even the best salesperson’s memory, but Microsoft’s CRM helps keep your team on track and focused on the next step with business process bars. This innovative tool is conveniently located at the top of every CRM program page so it can visibly track sales progress from opportunity development to close.

A helpful reminder, the business process bar outlines each step in the sales process and highlights the logical next step that team members should take in order to maintain prospect engagement at all times.

And That’s Not All…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales has the tools your sales team needs to reach top performance levels, including OneNote integration for one-stop sales data collection (including audio notes!), Skype integration for sales-call assistance and collaboration, and document collaboration for quote and proposal help.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, your team will have the support they need to close more leads and increase revenues, faster than ever before.

Learn more by watching the recording of the webinar,“7 Reasons You Need Dynamics 365 CRM Now,”presented by Azamba CRM

After watching the webinar, you’ll be empowered to maximize your growth and increase your revenues when you:

  • Centralize customer information 
  • Automate marketing interactions 
  • Provide business intelligence 
  • Facilitate communications 
  • Track sales opportunities 
  • Analyze data 
  • Enable responsive customer service 
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