Continia and Innovia: Solving Your Document Challenges Together!

One of the most challenging aspects of automating data entry tasks is the wide variety of formats documents can take. Then there’s the challenge of getting the software to understand what’s on the page to begin with! If you’ve had these struggles and are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, then one of Innovia’s newest ISV partners can help.

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Continia provides a suite of three solutions built to help your system understand, process, and take action on documents.

  1. Document Capture 365 – Using its high level of OCR sophistication, Continia’s Document Capture solution can pull data from all types of documents, including invoices, sales orders, receipts, and more. It can even learn to understand line items on a complex document and match these to the appropriate fields in your Business Central system.
  2. Expense Management 365 – Taking this same concept to the employee expense arena, the Continia Expense Management solution allows your team to easily submit expense reports simply by uploading the documents. It takes the busy work of reporting expenses out of their day.
  3. Document Output 365 – Document Output is the opposite of Document Capture. Instead of taking data from documents into Business Central, it helps you easily send data from Business Central to the documents your business needs.

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Beyond its strong functionality, it also lives within Business Central entirely, meaning the Innovia Support Team can help you with most issues related to the product directly without needing to go back to the ISV. Innovia acts as a full-service implementation partner for the Continia products, so if you already love your Innovia Project and Support teams, you’ll probably love these products, too!

Holly Kutil, who leads the Innovia Support Team, has used Continia for years, including as an end-user, and insists it is a “fun product to work with.” She believes it can truly revolutionize many department’s workflows, especially in functions like Purchasing and Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable that process documents frequently.

Following a simple setup process where you define headers and tell the system where the data will appear, documents with hundreds of lines can be automatically processed into Business Central with just a click (or automated completely once you are comfortable with it). It is truly a “set it and forget it” feature. Holly says that “The time you save in keystrokes is amazing!”

Innovia Consulting has already completed several successful projects with customers and is looking to implement more soon. If you want to process documents faster, this solution might be the right choice for you. Reach out to your customer engagement specialist or contact us today to get started.

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For more than 25 years, Continia has been adding value to users of Microsoft Dynamics by developing and offering solutions to effectively handle different types of administrative processes. Today more than 5,000 Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations actively use one or more of our products to speed up or to automate various administrative processes.

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