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Be unreasonable. It's the only way

As I speak with owners, CEO’s, and VP’s of Sales I have come to learn one thing for certain.  They all seem to miss why their sales people are consistently falling short of hitting their quota.  They tell me they are not prospecting enough, they are not moving deals down the pipe fast enough or asking for their business.  Those are all valid concerns. 

99% of the time it comes down to one thing and one thing only.  A simple question.  Are they completely sold on what they are selling? I am not talking about why we think our product is better than the competition.  I am talking about a complete conviction that if you don’t buy this from me you are settling for an inferior product or service. To the point of if they don’t buy from you, then you let the customer down.   As a salesperson, I can’t allow that to happen if I am looking out for my customer. 

I know that is bold, but if you had that mindset, would you sell and close more deals?  Absolutely!  When I carried the bag and sold nutritional products and medical devices I would look my customers in the eye with complete conviction and utter passion and let it be known that if they weren’t choosing my product, my company and most of all me, they were settling for 2nd best.  Who wants to settle?

Selling is a transference of feeling and emotion.  If you’re not sold, then explain to me why your customer should be sold.  If you are 100% sold you have a chance.  If you are 50% sold you have no chance.

As a Sales Manager I would want my salespeople to be so sold on their product/service, company, and themselves, to the point of being completely unreasonable and irrational on their belief that the customer needs to own what they are selling. To the point that they are unwilling to accept any other answer.   It is like the salesperson is sitting next to the customer rooting them on versus across from them trying to close them.

When you have this made up mindset, everything else will come easier and those conquering the pipeline discussions will be much more enjoyable. 

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Good selling, 


Steve Waltz

Steve Waltz

Steve is part of the Innovia Consulting team as the Director of New Client Engagement. He studied business at Ball State University and has spent his career in the automotive, healthcare/pharma, and enterprise software industries. He is passionate about helping others achieve success and spends the majority of his free time with his family and following his Chicago Cubbies.

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