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Industry Showcase – Getting Results with NAV: “Managing Molds and Dies”

Mold & Die

Company Profile

Job Shop, Engineered Products, Automotive Supplier, Stamping 

User Story:

The Manufacturing process involves extensive use of Molds/Dies. New Molds/Dies are built in-house, as well as repair and maintenance of existing Molds/Dies. Capturing labor and material costs for each Mold/Die is critical to cost analysis and profitability. 

Managing the entire life cycle of the Mold/Die in NAV will extend the life of the tool, avoid unnecessary down time during production runs, and allow for Mold/Die replacement planning.

NAV Requirements:

  • Plan material and labor for new Mold/Die (utilize NAV Bill of Material, Routing, and Production Orders).
  • Schedule the Mold/Die work using NAV manufacturing (treated as just another Production Order).
  • Purchasing to have visibility to Mold/Die component needs in Planning Worksheets.
  • Schedule maintenance of the Mold/Die – NAV to provide life cycle information such as when to sharpen a Die based on usage to date and Production run piece requirements.
  • The Mold/Die is assigned to the Production Order item.
  • NAV to track costs on the maintenance of the Mold/Die to allow applying costs of the Mold/Die to the Production Order when used.

NAV Solution

A combination of NAV base functionality and customization are utilized for this solution. NAV Production Orders are now used for new Molds/Dies Tooling with Bill of Materials and Routings. Molds/Dies are scheduled and actual component costs and labor costs are tracked. NAVs functionality is leveraged to generate sub Production Mold/Die Orders (Replan) from a Master Production Mold/Die Order, allowing planners to schedule and manage all related Production Orders related to the Parent Mold/Die Production Order.

A Mold/Die is added as a component on the Bill of Material for the finished item, allowing costs to be charged to the Production Order and to maintain Mold/Die life statistics for both maintenance and replacement. Costs are pro-rated based on the expected life quantity of parts planned for the Mold/Die.

NAV Scheduling highlights when a Mold/Die is needed for an upcoming Production Order, allowing the tooling department to be working on the correct Mold/Die in the correct sequence prior to production need.

Mold/Die life statistics allow a pro-active approach to managing the large number of Molds/Dies, when to sharpen, when to rebuild, and when to replace. This approach supports a production goal, whenever possible, not to interrupt a production run to do maintenance to the Mold/Die (such as sharpening), avoiding expensive down time.

Costing analysis now provides a true cost margin with Mold/Die costs included in every production run – margins are more accurate.


NAV now provides life cycle management of Molds/Dies utilizing NAV Bills of Material, Routings, and Production Orders.

Purchasing now has visibility to materials needed for Mold/Die work as part of running planning worksheets and not a separate process

Production orders now manage the Mold/Die allocation of costs and provide Mold/Die life usage statistics. Now, pro-active managing of Mold/Die life is possible. Product margin visibility is better, driving better business decisions.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner Innovia Consulting

John Grant

John Grant

John Grant is a Senior Application Consultant at Innovia Consulting and has been a lead consultant for over 20 BC/NAV implementations and 30 upgrades. He has an extensive background in manufacturing and has helped customers large and small optimize their operations while implementing Lean principles. He is a sought-after instructor for manufacturing functions in BC/NAV and has presented to hundreds at user group events and other conferences, including at Community Summit. Today, he instructs on manufacturing as part of the Innovia Workshops training course series.

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