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A Meeting of the NAV Minds in Waupaca

When we first looked into becoming a NAVUG (Dynamics NAV User Group) member, we had to weigh the pros and cons, as with any business decision.  NAVUG would give us membership in a community of NAV users and partners… but what did that mean for our business?   Fast forward three years, and anyone involved in NAVUG knows that we are heavily involved.  Looking back at everything that NAVUG has contributed to our organization, the regional meetings and annual national Forum conferences have been some of the most beneficial.NAVUG logo.jpg


The recent NAVUG Regional meeting in Waupaca, Wisconsin prompted me to write this blog to encourage NAV partners and users to give the NAV user group a shot.  Why do I care?  Because NAVUG gets better for everyone involved as it grows!  NAVUG thrives because it is led by individuals from all walks of the NAV community.  Users, partners and ISVs get together, share ideas, issues, solutions, and thoughts on life (usually at the bar after the sessions).  Sessions like the ones covering NAV 2013, BI reporting, and NAV security give detailed knowledge on key topics from industry experts.  The speed networking, cocktail mixers and impromptu discussions with other attendees fill in the cracks and add a flavor of collaboration that is tough to find in any other setting.  I even got a lengthy lesson on my upcoming foray into the world of fatherhood from a friend J.

Life lessons aside, the free exchange of ideas among the diverse group of attendees made this meeting, like all other NAVUG meetings that I have attended, an invaluable use of a couple days’ time.   See you in Tampa for NAVUG Forum!

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