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Midwest NAVUG Brings the NAV Community Together

The 2013 Midwest NAVUG Regional Meeting just wrapped up in Waupaca, Wisconsin, a beautiful area of blue skies, green pastures, and pristine lakes. This event brought together nearly 100 users, sponsors, and partners for education, collaboration, and a great time.NAVUG logo.jpg

What this meeting does best is that it gets people together, face to face, to share NAV stories. There were great educational sessions like “Budgets in NAV,” “MRP Planning and Service Management,” and “ODATA Web Services.” My favorite sessions by far were those where users and partners collaborated, shared tips, and helped to solve each other’s business challenges.

The “Ask Your Peers Panel” allowed users to pose their most pressing questions and challenges to colleagues and partners. The panel of super users included Kevin Fons from Saris Cycling, Diane Herman from Culver’s, Scott Rose from Mirus Bio, and Robert Newhart from Single Source. The result was an hour-long discussion that covered some pretty technical areas of NAV. Donavan Lane, founder of Innovia, and Greg Kaupp, CEO of ArcherPoint, provided valuable insight to users while answering questions and problem solving. They discussed a wide range of issues—from optimizing NAV performance by tweaking settings for the MetadataProviderCacheSize for each Service Tier to discussing how ABC Computers found a way to restructure code within RTC reports such as the G/L to Inventory Reconciliation, so it finishes running within seconds instead of hours. Users in the session seemed elated to know that many of their basic performance issues could be easily solved. This session was one of the best ways for NAV users to gain insight, inspiration, and move their businesses forward. Everyone left with answers.

Another favorite activity of mine involved “Networking Huddles,” which were organized like speed dating sessions. Now, I know what you are thinking: “Ugh, groan, I would never enjoy that or get anything out of it.” Everyone loved it. In 15 minutes, individuals made a connection with seven to ten people, and guess what—nine times out of ten a valuable connection was made. Sometimes it was about an ISV product that a user didn’t know Sharing NAV stories and tips at the Midwest NAVUG Regional Meeting was a huge success!existed but fulfilled a need. Sometimes it was finding a colleague who had already accomplished what another person was struggling to achieve. Sometimes it was a smile, a laugh, and just fun to connect.

I missed the “NAV Tips & Tricks—Exchange Your Favorites” session, but the attendees exiting the session commented on how valuable it was.

It was great to see everyone there. If you could not make it this year, be sure to plan for May 2014. It only happens once a year, and we want you to be part of it! Also, look for ChargeLogic at the 2013 NAVUG Forum in October.


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