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Learn Anything Yourself with One Simple Step: Click!

Let’s face it. NAV/Business Central is a powerful piece of software and that means there are a lot of things to learn. It has many buttons and menus, each having a function, and it can be intimating even to a seasoned user when you encounter one you do not recognize. Luckily, there’s one tried and true method for learning what something does in a piece of software: Click it!

Did your blood pressure just go up by reading that? It doesn’t have to be as scary as you might think. Just keep the following factors in mind, and then explore to your heart’s content.

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Are your permissions and role profile set appropriately?

If you worked with Innovia Consulting for your implementation, we know you examined this area, but if you did not, make sure your permissions and role profiles are set appropriately. If you aren’t sure, ask a system admin for clarification. Appropriate permissions and role profiles make sure the right people can access the right resources, and vice versa, people who should not access something cannot.

If this is all set, you are safe to click. Your exploration of your NAV/Business Central system can commence without fear of getting somewhere you should not be.

Learn what’s behind each menu

One tip I tell people is to click into all the icons and menus that you aren’t familiar with. Then once you are in, read as much as you can of what comes up. Ask yourself:

  • What fields do I see come up?
  • Are there any related items that I can access once I’m into this new menu? What’s the relationship between these items?
  • What functions that run behind the scenes are referenced by the page? Could I look up more information about these functions online or ask a coworker if I want to learn more?

The one thing to avoid …

I always advise people to avoid the Delete button during these exploratory trips through the system. As a rule of thumb, you should never delete anything in your system unless you are fully aware of what it is and have a good reason for doing so.

This is one button you can stay away from 😊!


Learning a new system is challenging, there’s no question about it. But the wonderful world of NAV allows users to click away if they have permissions and their user profiles set appropriately and avoid deleting anything they don’t understand.

They say the best way to learn is to do, and NAV/Business Central is no exception. So, click away to our world of NAV! It’s all right at your fingertips! Before you know it, you’ll be an expert.

And speaking of clicking to learn, our ISV partner ClickLearn is giving an exciting webinar showing you how to create multi-format training by doing exactly what I said above: Clicking! You can register for this webinar, or if you're reading this after it has aired, watch it on-demand:

Learn and Teach More with ClickLearn


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Traci Bregitzer

Traci Bregitzer

Traci is an Application Consultant at Innovia Consulting on Team Rescue Squad, Innovia’s support team. She works with a wide variety of customers to help them solve anything that might come up. With her broad range of experience in many industries, she brings practical knowledge to her work and the classes she teaches that benefit Innovia's clients immensely.

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