Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV Support FAQs

How are support questions sent via email handled? What is the typical response time?

A support request can be initiated by email or phone. If your issue requires immediate attention, please call our support team directly at 855-856-8764.

  • Email: To email a support request with our automated tracking system, send an email to This email system is monitored during working hours and as a request is received it is assigned to the relevant BC/NAV support person. Requests are generally responded to within an hour.

  • Phone: Our phone support number is 855-856-8764 and response is generally immediate, with a live receptionist 24/7. After hours, if you wish to speak with any support person in our firm, the operator will patch you directly through to their cell phone.

  • Website: You may also submit a support ticket through our online form. This form lets you provide detailed information that can help our team serve you even faster.

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What is your philosophy on questions that require less than a minute or so to answer? Is this a billable situation? Explain when non-billable becomes billable?

You have to assume that whenever a support request is initiated, we will bill in 15-minute increments. However, many of our customers enjoy our common sense when a 2-minute question does not get invoiced.

There are several ways that support requests can be streamlined to save time and money:

  • Write non-critical requests on a 30-day list. If you still need them after 30 days, then initiate the request.

  • Channel support requests through only one of your employees. This way we do not have many people calling for the same request.

  • Create a written spec or print screen of the issue and prepare as much information as possible. Often when the issue is written down, the answer becomes apparent.

Do you teach users how to create reports, modify screens, or create other modifications that could be viewed as your area of expertise?

We believe that an end-user should be as self-sufficient as possible. To help reach this goal, most of our clients attend our report and development training. This training does not make users into specialists at creating customizations, but rather they become familiar enough with coding to assist an expert developer by correctly documenting the required work. If a specification can be created for us, it saves as much as 75% of our time.

If we have a significant issue, how long will it take for a consultant to meet with us, identify the problem, propose a solution, code, test, and deliver?

Our Business Central, NAV, and Navision support is typically immediate. In most cases, a support person can be working with you to identify the problem within an hour. If the issue requires a higher level of business sense or in-depth application analysis, the developer may schedule a teleconference or meeting to review the issue, create the spec, and give an estimate if warranted. We pride ourselves on maintaining a fast turnaround time.

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