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Unlock the Power of Integrated eCommerce and Customer Portals

eCommerce made easy! With commercebuild, you can seamlessly integrate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP with an affordable, fast, and fully integrated eCommerce solution.

No more costly deployments or hidden expenses. Our team of eCommerce experts will guide you through the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Let's explore why eCommerce is essential for your business and how commercebuild can help.

Gen Z and the B2B Buying Experience Revolution

Gen Z is leading the eCommerce revolution, transforming the B2B buying experience. As 73% of 20- to 35-year-olds influence purchasing decisions, businesses must adapt to their online preferences. Your B2B customers expect an Amazon-like experience, personalized catalogs, and real-time inventory access. With commercebuild's plug-and-play webstore, you can meet these expectations and create happy, loyal customers.

eCommerce is Relevant to Your Business and Industry

Don't get left behind! eCommerce is essential for businesses in all industries. In a digital world, meeting your customers' needs through convenient and easy online channels is crucial. With 90% of B2B buyers turning to competitors if their digital experience falls short, you must stay relevant and competitive. Industries like food and beverage, automotive parts, and wholesale distribution are thriving with eCommerce success—now it's your turn.

Benefits and ROI: Embrace the eCommerce Advantage

Embrace the endless benefits of eCommerce. Stay ahead of the competition, reach new buyers, and expand into new markets. Increase sales, efficiency, and revenue generation. Automate processes and free up your team's time for building relationships instead of handling order queries. eCommerce provides a quick ROI, valuable time savings, and ongoing success.

Affordable, Responsive, and Reliable: Your Integrated eCommerce Solution

Why settle for anything less? With commercebuild, you get an affordable and integrated eCommerce solution that leverages your greatest asset: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Within 60 days, you'll have a responsive webstore with tailor-made catalogs, flexible pricing, and real-time ERP integration. Plus, our customer portal empowers your clients to self-serve, manage invoices, and track orders, enhancing their experience and freeing up your resources.

Joining Forces with Innovia: Partners in Success

Commercebuild is thrilled to partner with Innovia, bringing you the best in eCommerce solutions. Together, we'll help you create a seamlessly integrated webstore or customer portal that keeps your customers coming back for more. Let's dive into the exciting world of eCommerce and take your business to new heights.

Don't Miss Out on eCommerce Growth - Transform Your Business Today!

commercebuild is your gateway to global competition. Don't miss the opportunity to meet your customers' needs and extend your business reach. Experience the eCommerce transformation with commercebuild. Are you ready to unlock your eCommerce potential? Let's get started!

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commerceBuild is the missing piece transforming your Sage X3/300 or Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution into a truly personalized eCommerce experience. Flexible and frictionless, our turnkey eCommerce solution delivers 24/7 revenue opportunities to you and your customers. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, we eliminate the need for middleware between the storefront and ERP data to enable seamless online buying and selling.

Our solutions can be live in 60-days and offer complete eCommerce capabilities at a price B2B and B2C businesses can afford.

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