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The Innovia Conversation Podcast Hits Remarkable Milestone: 5000 Downloads and Counting

Innovia Podcast 5000 downloads

Innovia Consulting is proud to announce a momentous achievement for its podcast, the Innovia Conversation: The Business Central Podcast.
With unwavering dedication to delivering the latest insights on Business Central and Microsoft news, in a lighthearted and humorous fashion, the podcast has reached the milestone of 5000 downloads. The podcast has been viewed in over 10 countries and continues to expand in reach.

Hosted by Steve Waltz and Jeff Pergolski, the Innovia Conversation Podcast has quickly become a valuable and fun resource for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of Microsoft technologies. With their engaging discussions and interviews with Business Central thought leaders. Steve and Jeff have cemented the podcast's reputation as a must-listen for professionals in the field.

In response to this milestone, our hosts had these thoughts to share.

Steve Waltz -  “I was at a local Microsoft Dynamics user group meeting and people were sharing what their favorite podcasts were. At this moment a light went on.  I researched and saw there were none about Dynamics NAV or BC.  After speaking with Innovia’s CMO Tom Doran & Marketing Manager (and later podcast producer) Tim Britton, we came up with The Innovia Conversation and the rest is history”.

Jeff Pergolski – “It’s fun to share our passion for Business Central with our listeners.  It’s more fun sharing the expertise of our Innovia team and how much fun we have while helping our customers. 5000 downloads is a great milestone but the milestone I’m most looking forward to is when Steve mentions CRM for the 5000th time! Wait… I think we actually hit that at episode 20? Oh well….next stop 50,000!”

The success of the Innovia Conversation Podcast can be attributed to Innovia’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its listeners. By leveraging the vast knowledge and experience of industry thought leaders, the podcast continues to empower businesses with the latest information and strategies that drive success in the digital era.

As one of the leading voices in the Business Central ecosystem, Innovia Consulting takes immense pride in the success of the Innovia Conversation Podcast. The podcast's growing popularity can be attributed to its ability to provide actionable insights, practical advice, and in-depth discussions on topics ranging from Business Central updates to emerging trends in the Microsoft ecosystem.

"We are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone of 5000 downloads for the Innovia Conversation Podcast," said Tom Doran, CMO of Innovia Consulting. "This achievement is a testament to the hard work, expertise, and passion of our hosts, Steve and Jeff, who have consistently delivered outstanding content that resonates with our audience."

To join the growing roster of professionals who have already benefited from the Innovia Conversation Podcast, visit innovia.com/podcast to access the entire catalog of 50+ episodes; you will also find video versions of select episodes. The podcast is available on most major streaming platforms. Just search for 'The Innovia Conversation.' Whether you're seeking insights on the latest Business Central features or looking to stay informed about Microsoft's ever-expanding universe, this podcast is your go-to resource for staying ahead of the curve.

About Innovia Consulting:

Innovia Consulting is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions, empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence and drive growth. With a team of highly skilled experts and a customer-centric approach, Innovia Consulting helps organizations leverage the full potential of their Microsoft technologies

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Innovia Consulting

Innovia Consulting

Innovia is a multiple-award-winning Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central consulting firm known for delivering innovative Microsoft ERP systems while providing exceptional client-focused service. With five project teams and a dedicated support team, Innovia has the resources to handle all types of ERP projects.

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