Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

The last version of NAV before the re-branding to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is still going strong! Used by businesses around the world, this powerful ERP solution brings new features, improved integration to other applications, and added flexibility from increased cloud functionality. Everything you need to keep your business on-track and on-schedule is here!

To help you fully utilize your NAV 2018 system, we have gathered resources produced by our team that are available to you at no cost. Keep reading or skip ahead to the section that interests you.

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New Features in NAV 2018

The 2018 release brought about powerful new features. If you are not using them yet, here are some resources to get you started.

  • Top 5 for Accounting -- In this blog, Jeff Pergolski explores the things accounting professionals appreciate most about NAV 2018, including enhancements to Excel integration, ledgers, and more.
  • Top 5 for Sales -- Your sales teams are more equipped than ever before with enhanced integrations with Outlook, Dynamics, and Power BI. This blog post explains the top 5 things your sales teams can look forward to in NAV 2018.
  • Best New Features for Accounting, Sales and IT Professionals -- This webinar on-demand outlines everything your accounting, sales, and IT professionals can take advantage of in NAV 2018.

As you can see, this version of NAV will help you take all your operations further than ever before.

Licensing of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

As with any version of NAV, when you are setting up your functionality or new users, you have some licensing choices to make.

Perpetual licenses are a one-time purchase, whereas subscriptions have lower upfront costs but are billed monthly based on your functional and user-level choices.

If you are wondering how this all works, we have you covered! Pat Lacouture explains both User Licensing and Functional Licensing in the two blogs linked below.

Learn About User Licensing Learn About Functional Licensing

Simplifying Electronic Payments

One of the most important aspects of your business is getting paid quickly and easily by your customers. In this version of NAV, you have new options to make it easier than ever before. Learn more by watching this on-demand webinar from Jenny Hollingsworth:


How to Create and Copy Companies

If you are working in NAV 2018, you will at some point need to create a new company or copy one to create a duplicate and then tweak. Getting started on it can be a bit challenging, but Daniel Palmer from Innovia has written a helpful blog with step-by-step screenshots.

Read the Blog

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the data you'd like to bring forward
  • Create a new company
  • Copy an existing company

You can also review the webinar he gave on the same topic here.

Cumulative Updates

Microsoft regularly releases updates with critical security and stability fixes. Keeping your system up-to-date with the latest release will keep your ERP platform running smoothly.

As a service to its customers and other users, Innovia Consulting compiles the latest cumulative updates for each version of NAV /Business Central. Be sure to keep up with our regular blog posts so you know when these compilations go live. 

See Innovia's Cumulative Updates Posts

An alternative option to keep you as informed as possible about NAV 2018 specifically is to bookmark Microsoft's cumulative updates page for this version. If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you'll even get notified when a new update comes out.

Other Innovia Resources

Your NAV system has many components, and it can be daunting to learn it all. That's why Innovia is here for you! If you have not found the answer you are looking for on this page, browse our entire archive of NAV 2018 written and video content with the links below.

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Do you Need Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Support?

Innovia is one of only a handful of Microsoft partners that has a dedicated support team for all versions of NAV, including the latest version of Business Central and NAV's predecessor Navision. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Support

Need a New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Partner?

When you have an ERP solution in place, it doesn't run itself. Your business is constantly evolving and your system needs to be nimble enough to keep up. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 can do it, but it takes the right partner to innovate at the speed of business.

With Innovia Consulting, you have a partner that has seen it all. With numerous successful NAV 2018 customers, including Stonewall Kitchen and Greenhouse Megastore, Innovia knows the version you are using well. No matter what you are encountering or what new (or old) problems you are trying to solve, we have the expertise you need to make it happen. Oh, and we'll also email or call you back when you put in a support request. Fast and accurate support is a pillar of our company.

Are you ready for a better partner experience? Our free ebook 5 Signs It's Time to Find a New Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner outlines how you'll know when it's time to shop around for a new NAV partner.

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